How To Organise Your Kitchen For The New Year

Words: Katrina Rose Wind

Start the new year with a clear mind and less clutter by organising your kitchen. As far as 2023 resolutions go, this should be the easiest one on your list.

Organise Your Spice Rack

So much to unpack here, where to begin. First off, you would be lying to us and yourself if you say you haven’t accidentally bought multiple of the same spices thinking you didn’t have them. It’s fine, but to make some extra space in your kitchen, you should check each spice bottle and combine the same ones into one container. Also, it may be time to invest in a spice rack so you can see everything clearly.

While you’re consolidating spices, also check the potency of all your spices. Spices may not go ‘off’ but they do lose their strength after a while. Ground spices usually last about a year and whole spices last about two to three years. It’s not dangerous to consume these spices after their ‘expiry date’ but you just won’t get much flavour from them. If you don’t smell much when you sniff them, throw them away.

Go Through Your Storage Containers

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of hoarding Tupperware and/or saving takeaway plastic containers. Don’t you get annoyed hunting for the right lid for the right container? That stops now. 2023 guys, new year, new us! Throw away all the containers you haven’t used in the past 6 months, if you haven’t used it by now, you won’t be using it anytime soon. Any container that is cracked, stained or missing a lid – recycle it. Don’t forget to organise the containers you decide to keep, by size, this helps for easy access.

Clear Those Countertops!

organise kitchen

The kitchen is not the place to feel cluttered, the more space the better. There is no need to keep your food processor, cake stand or toaster out especially if you’re not using them on a daily basis. If you have cabinet space for them, use it! If you have coffee pods or coffee ground bags on the counter, consolidate them into organisational tins that take up less space. If your sponges, hand and dish soap are scattered, buy a little tray that fits all of them.

Organise your Kitchen Cabinets

You want everything to be easily accessible, especially the items you use on a daily basis. Everything that is used on a weekly to daily basis should be on the lower shelves, and things that you use less frequently should be placed on a higher shelf. For example, if you have fancy wine or champagne glasses that only get used when having dinner parties, they should not be at eye level but rather placed higher up to make room for the items you really need.

Now that you’ve organised your cabinets you should focus on organising the one under the sink. This cabinet is usually quite cluttered, filled with a bunch of half-empty cleaning bottles. Get rid of the almost empty ones and if you have duplicates, combine those into the same bottle. It might be a good idea to get a couple of organisational plastic bins to keep all your cleaning supplies. Next, take everything out and start cleaning the space, chances are the bottom is filled with stains and spills. A good way to avoid this is to add a shelf liner, it makes clean up easier and protects the surface.

Get Rid Of Unused Dishes

organise kitchen

Just like your utensil drawer, having mismatched or chipped plates does not scream ‘organised’. Unless the mismatched is part of an aesthetic there is no reason to keep plates that don’t go with the rest of the kitchen ‘vibe’. If you haven’t used a set of plates or bowls, or what have you in the last six months, you really won’t be using them anytime soon. Donate them and declutter your cabinets. This is a big step in organising your kitchen.

Organise that Utensil Drawer

Chances are you have duplicates of spatulas, wooden spoons, whisks, you name it. Keep the best ones and toss the ones you don’t use. If you can spot an item that you haven’t used in the last six months, it’s time to let go of it – the same goes for your utensils. Many of us acquire random bits and bobs over the years and end up with mismatched items. If you see three different sets of forks, spoons, and/or knives, pick one and stick to it!

Create More Storage Space

organise kitchen

Most kitchen walls are usually bare, why not take advantage of it? Use that space and add some vertical storage. Whether it be one of those magnet strips that can keep all your cutting knives or a rack that can hold all your pots and pans, it’s time to make the most of your space and utilise the extra wall space to free up the cabinets.

Time To Clean Your Fridge and Freezer

When was the last time you organised your fridge? Our guess is it’s been a while. Clean and wipe down your fridge, it desperately needs it. After that’s done, check whether you have any expired items and toss it in the bin. When organising your fridge, it’s easier in the long-run if you place similar ingredients together. The cheeses in one section, fruit and veg in another, and so on. Items that are about to expire should be placed at the front so you can utilise it before it goes off.

Once you’ve organised your kitchen, it will make cooking a much more enjoyable experience. Who knows, this project could inspire you to organise other parts of your home too!

If your spice rack needs a revamp, here’s what the ultimate spice rack looks like.

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