De Wetshof Estate: The House of Chardonnay

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Since the early 1990s, De Wetshof Estate has been at the forefront of South Africa’s Chardonnay industry. Today it is recognised locally and around the world as the country’s true House of Chardonnay.

Perfect Positioning in Robertson

The limestone-rich soils of the Robertson Wine Valley and ideal sunny dry conditions, cooled by the breezes off the Indian Ocean, are ideal for this grape variety.

The positioning allows the De Wetshof range of Chardonnays to offer the magnificent spectrum of aromas and flavours that have made this variety the world’s noble white wine.

De Wetshof Estate Chardonnays

Each of the Estate’s five wines is carefully crafted from grapes growing on individual parcels of soils and in climates that allow every wine to express a uniquely different character and taste profile.

This attentive, site-specific approach to wine-making offers wine-lovers the world over five wines varying in taste profile.

Did you know? Chardonnay gets its name from the small village of Chardonnay in the Mâcon region of Burgundy.


Get to know The De Wetshof Chardonnay Range

De Wetshof Unwooded

Limestone Hill and Bon Vallon are De Wetshof’s two unwooded wines. Expressing freshness and zest, along with the lip-smacking delicious complexity that the Chardonnay grape is known for.

Enjoy: on a hot summer’s day with snacks and good company.

De Wetshof Lightly Wooded

Finesse, one of De Wetshof’s first wines, is a lightly oaked Chardonnay bringing a creamy mouth-feel to the minerality and citrus notes.

Perfect for: enjoying with a light seafood meal while dining al fresco. Try this Tuna Tagliata or Prawn Tarts with Asparagus and Tomato

As a matter of fact: Chardonnay is the result of a chance crossing of Pinot noir and a little known grape variety called Gouais Blanc.

De Wetshof Single Vineyard

The Site and Bateleur are single-vineyard wines, classically aged in French oak reminiscent of the great Chardonnays of France but with a true South African taste of place.

Taking flight: Bateleur is named after is one of Africa’s most majestic and rare eagles.

Best enjoyed: in the company of your favourite people with a really great meal of substance. Try this Slow Roast Lamb Shoulder or Rib Eye with Green Peppercorn and Mushroom Sauce

Being the House of Chardonnay with a variety of wines, De Wetshof is committed to opening its doors to those wishing to discover the excellence and diversity of the world’s finest white wine.

De Wetshof Wine Estate, R317, Robertson, 6705
Tel +27(0) 23 615 1853 | Email | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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