Our Summer Cocktail Round-Up

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Summer means cocktail time, right? There’s nothing better than lazing in the sun, G&T in hand. This cocktail round-up is full of our summertime favourites, deliciously refreshing for those hot days by the pool!

Classic Cocktail Recipes

Classic cocktails are the same the world over. These are for the people who know what they want, and love it done properly.

cocktail recipes
cocktail recipes

Classic Whiskey Sour

This Bourbon beauty is bound to become your new favourite summer drink – some classics just never grow old.

Recipe for Classic Whiskey Sour

Pink French 75

The classic gin cocktail recipe gets a romantic twist.
Recipe for Pink French 75

cocktail recipes

Dirty Martini with Stilton Stuffed Olives

This pungent but creamy cheese cuts through the strong alcohol and pairs well with the olive brine.
Recipe for Dirty Martini with Stilton Stuffed Olives

Peach Bellini

A classic, peachy pleasure, and one of our favourite cocktail recipes.
Recipe for Peach Bellini

cocktail recipes
cocktail recipes

Classic Margarita

This iconic drink needs no introduction. Boozy and tart – this is a real margarita.
Recipe for Classic Margarita


Grapefruit cordial, soda water and tequila – what more encouragement do you need?
Recipe for Paloma

The Classics… with a Twist

Sometimes it’s okay to mix things up a bit…

Frozen JOYA Apple Margarita

Sip your way through summer with this refreshing slushie-inspired apple margarita.
Recipe for Frozen JOYA Apple Margarita

cocktail recipes
cocktail recipes

Negroni Sbagliato Poptail

Boozy lollies are seriously the most fun way to enjoy your drink!
Recipe for Negroni Sbagliato Poptail

Moscow Mule Poptail

This cocktail recipe makes the refreshing Mule even more thirst quenching.
Recipe for Moscow Mule Poptail

cocktail recipes
margarita cocktails

Pineapple & Grapefruit Mojito

This mojito recipe may not be entirely traditional, but it will definitely hit the spot on a warm summery afternoon.
Recipe for Pineapple & Grapefruit Mojito

Salted Caramel & Orange Margarita

A sinful cocktail that combines the tang of citrus with the sweetness of caramel.
Recipe for Salted Caramel & Orange Margarita

cocktail recipes
cocktail recipes

Gin & Tonic with a Twist

Gin and jellies that’ll get you jiving!
Recipe for Gin & Tonic with a Twist 

Pomegranate Cosmopolitan

Swap out cranberry for pomegranate for the perfect punch.
Recipe for Pomegranate Cosmopolitan

mojito cocktails
summer cocktail recipes

Ruby Grapefruit Mojito

This ruby grapefruit cocktail will definitely get you revved up for a night out!
Recipe for Ruby Grapefruit Mojito

Pink Lemonade Candy Floss Cocktail

Pretty-as-a-picture and totally divine, this cocktail has the ideal balance of sweet and sour.
Recipe for Pink Lemonade Candy Floss Cocktail

Mango & Coconut Daiquiri

Forget about strawberry daiquiris, this tropical mango and coconut version is all you need this summer.
Recipe for Mango & Coconut Daiquiri

ClemenGold Gin & Tonic

Add a little kick to your regular tipple with some jalapeños and a dash of ClemenGold Gin.
Recipe for ClemenGold Gin & Tonic

Spruce up your cocktails with these delicious Cocktail Infusions, or try these refreshing Summer Frozen Desserts.

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