Cocktail Infusions To Keep Cool This Summer

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Everyone has their cocktail – some prefer the classics, while others enjoy the element of surprise. Simmer down with these summery cocktail infusions, from pickle juice to granadilla pearl cubes and punchy poptails.

Frozen Fruit Infusions

Keep cool with these icy and fruity infusions.

Citrus slices

Infuse zingy and zesty flavour into your cocktails with frozen citrus fruits. You don’t need to spend hundreds on fancy ice moulds. Simply cut whole lemons, oranges or grapefruits into wedges or slices and store them in Ziploc bags in your freezer.


Elevate cocktails with a granita infusion. Instead of plonking ice into your drinks and watering them down, create an adult slushie. Make some simple syrup, blitz fresh fruit with your favourite spirit, mix the two and place in a container to freeze. Break up the ice particles (using a fork) every hour for four hours. Add a couple of scoops to a glass and violà.

We love this Pineapple & Lime Granita with the addition of vodka. For a dessert version, enjoy this Frosé Raspberry Granita made with a touch of Rosé.

Granadilla Pearls

Give your cocktails a burst of juicy goodness with granadilla pearls. These tiny, tart orbs can be added to any drink for an explosion of tropical flavour. Freeze them into ice cubes or let them mingle freely in your glass for an unexpected pop in every sip.

Melon balls

Freshen up drinks with frozen melon balls. For a vibrant cocktail, use a variety of melons – sweet, water or winter melon. Tropical fruits like paw-paw and mango also work really well; all you need is a melon baller/ball cutter to scoop them.

Popsicles & Poptails

Surprise guests with this fun take on cocktails; they’ll make you feel like a kid again but remind you why it’s fun being an adult. Plus, it’s the ultimate way to cool down on hot days. All you need are popsicle moulds; use a blender to blitz your favourite cocktail ingredients and add fresh fruit like berries, pineapple, kiwi or mango – whatever you like. Pour the mixture into the mould and freeze until ready. Pop in a glass and top up sparkling wine, or tonic water/ginger ale/lemonade if your poptails already pack a boozy punch.

Simmer down with this Negroni Sbagliato Poptail, or Moscow Mule Poptail

Watermelon Cubes

Beat the summer heat without watering down your drink by freezing watermelon juice into cubes. These cubes not only keep your beverage cool, but infuse it with the taste of everyone’s favourite summer fruit. It’s also a great way to use up all your watermelon if you have a surplus, or if your watermelon is too floury.

Fresh Herbs

Add a herbaceous flavour to your drink.

Basil-infused Ice Cubes

Transform your cocktail by infusing ice cubes with fresh basil. Simply freeze basil leaves in water; as they melt into your cocktail, they release a fragrant and herbaceous essence that complements a variety of spirits, from gin to vodka.

Thyme-infused Simple Syrup

Elevate your cocktail’s sweetness with a thyme-infused simple syrup. Let thyme sprigs simmer in equal parts water and sugar, creating a syrup that adds a subtle herbal note to your drinks. It pairs exceptionally well with citrus-based cocktails and even margaritas.

Brines & Cordials

Balance sweeter flavours with these delicious brines.

Elderflower cordial with edible flowers

Glam-up cocktails with floral flavour. Elderflower adds a fragrant and delicious note to drinks, and instantly makes them more sophisticated. Elderflower can be quite intense, so add tonic to mute the flavour slightly. Simply fill your ice cube tray with elderflower-infused mixture; before placing it in the fridge, add a couple of edible flowers to your cubes.

Limoncello & Mint

The only way you could possibly make limoncello more delicious is by chilling it. Add to your favourite tonic and a few sprigs of fresh mint for a refreshing and tasty cocktail.

Olive Brine

Move beyond the classic dirty martini and experiment with olive brine. Infuse your favourite spirits with olive brine for a savoury kick, or add a splash to a citrusy cocktail for a salty yet pleasant surprise.

Kimchi Juice

Take your Bloody Marys to the next level with kimchi juice; the spicy kick will leave guests wanting more. There’s a method to this madness – trust us.

Pickle/Gherkin Juice

Another odd but delicious infusion. The tangy notes add a depth of flavour that pairs wonderfully with various spirits. Try it in a unique variation to G&Ts or tequila-based cocktails – feel free to garnish with a whole pickle as a tasty snack.

Want more? Check out these summer cocktail recipes.

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