Quick and Convenient: Westfalia Single-Serve Guacamole 6-Packs

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Packing healthy lunch boxes just became so much easier, thanks to the #AVOEXPERTS. Add something for dipping or dunking to a lunch box or office snack pack with Westfalia single serving guacamoles – convenient and healthy for the whole family to enjoy.

Singles Ready to Mingle

Westfalia’s newest addition to its guacamole range is a multipack of six individual 60 g tubs. Each single serving guacamole tub is filled with the quality and goodness of real avocados.

Enjoy the well-known creamy texture and delicious taste of Westfalia Plain Guacamole in a convenient pack size.

These versatile tubs are not only ideal for lunch boxes, but for picnics, road trips and camping too. Or add them to any party platter, use as a sandwich topping or wrap filling.

So Many Ways To Enjoy

Season a tub with your favourite fresh herbs and spices or stir in ingredients like corn, chopped chillies, crumbled feta or biltong.

Dollop onto baked potatoes, roasted veggies or grilled large mushrooms for a vegan meal.

Mix it with boiled eggs, cooked chicken or tuna for a quick meal solution. Thin with plain yoghurt and use as a healthy salad dressing. The guacamole is delicious on a slice of warm toast or spooned onto any favourite meal.

Check out these tasty guacamole recipes for inspiration.

Guacamole All Year Round

Westfalia Guacamole is produced using high-pressure processing (HPP), giving it an appetising, fresh taste without the need for preservatives or other additives.

It is packed with the goodness of heart-healthy fats and is Halaal and Kosher certified, as well as vegan-friendly. This convenient condiment is perfect for where ever you would enjoy fresh avocado – any time of the year.

Earth Friendly

If you’re trying to reduce plastic waste, you’ll be glad to know that the tubs and enclosing box are both recyclable, as Westfalia Fruit is committed to protecting the environment. This is part of their environmentally and socially responsible philosophy, supported by their sustainable farming practices.

Look out for these exciting guacamole tubs available in selected supermarkets across South Africa. The Westfalia 6 x 60 g multipack will appeal to anyone with a healthy appetite for avocado-inspired meals.

RSP R54,99

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