Cheers! Bottles to Celebrate the Season

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A roundup of wines and bubbles that will make a great gift. Spoil someone with a delicious bottle of something special this season.


Spier – Chardonnay Pinot Noir
A visit to Spier wine farm in Stellenbosch is a great way to spend a day this holiday, but if you can’t do that, you can still enjoy a taste of it with a glass of this gorgeous Chardonnay Pinot Noir. This is the kind of gift you want to give yourself! Drink on its own, or pair with seafood salad, avocado or smoked salmon. Toast the day as you watch the sun set wherever you are. Read more about Spier here!

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House of JC Le Roux – Scintilla 2008
If gift-wrapping leaves you in a fluster of tape and twine,
this gorgeously packaged Méthode Cap Classique is for you.
With its fluted shape and splash of glittering gold, this specially designed, limited edition gift pack is heaven sent! Scintilla 2008, the signature flagship from The House of J.C. Le Roux, is crafted in the time-honoured French tradition and blends Chardonnay with Pinot Noir – luxuriously smooth with rich complexity. You’ll be showered with gratitude by its lucky recipient.

Web: House of JC le Roux



Villiera – Tradition Brut
Tradition Brut was the first Cap Classique produced by Villiera in 1984 and for 30 years this has been a choice bubbly to kick off a Christmas brekkie! Don’t let that crazy, no good aunt suggest that you dilute this fine quaff with boxed orange juice – this should be enjoyed as is. This bubbly retains a fresh racy zestiness that is a result of crisp acidity and rich fruit. Enjoy with gammon, bacon, fried eggs, butter fried bananas and potato fritters. Or perhaps save for later in the day and sip as you watch the sun set on another fabulous holiday day.

Web: Villiera



Asara – Bell Tower
Wine is a definite go-to gift during the festive season. This bottle of Bell Tower, so name for the iconic tower that stands on the estate, is a perfect gift. The receiver can pop this weighty wine on the shelf and let it sit until winter, when it can be enjoyed with a hearty lamb cassoulet. Something to look forward to! It won Double Gold at the China Wine & Spirit Awards 2014, so is definitely something to look forward to!

Web: Asara



Four Cousins – Fiver Range
If you’ve ever been to the Robertson area in the heat of December, you may understand why 4 Cousins have introduced the Fiver range! This crisp and refreshing drink for all young-at-hearts and is available in five fabulous flavours: Black (zesty with a ginger zing), Bold (pomegranate), Blush (strawberry & litchi), Cool (apple, lime & cucumber) and our personal favourite… Crush (apple & pear). These drinks are perfect for a midday refresher or a sneaky sundowner on the beach. We are not saying grandpa won’t like a 6 pack of Fiver Black in his fishing bag when he disappears down river, but we think this is the perfect gift for the below 30s in the family.

Web: Four Cousins Fiver



Hamilton Russell – Ashbourne
This wine is reminiscent of the ‘Belle Epoque’ era, a highly social time of optimism, enjoyment and the pursuit of beauty in all things, including wine – almost to the point of abandon. Sounds perfect for festive season revelry! Gift this to someone with an appreciation for the good things in life.

Facebook: Ashbourne Wines



Pierre Jourdan – Ratafia
Add a touch of class to your celebrations this festive season with Pierre Jourdan Ratafia – an elegant gift, or a special surprise served to your guests, ice cold in a sherry glass. Currently the only Ratafia made in South Africa, this Chardonnay fortified with Brandy is an aperitif bursting with rich honey flavour. Kick off a meal in the best way paired with a starter of liver paté or scallops, or end off a meal with finesse, as a digestif paired with decadent desserts.

Web: Haute Cabrière



Lemberg – Hárslevelu
A bottle of wine from a boutique winey offers the connoisseur a chance to enjoy something special and unique. Hárslevelű is an exceptionally unusual grape varietal and has not been planted at Lemberg in Tulbagh for 29 years. This small 2013 production yielded 150 cases in total and this distinctive gift is sure to make an impression on the person who has it all. White flowers, peach and spice follows through on the textured, fresh palate with great length. The wine has a lingering, fresh, vibrant and lively acidity.

Web: Lemberg



Thelema – Rabelais 2010
We say beware if you choose to spoil someone with a bottle of Thelema Rabelais 2010 – there is a real condition called ‘gift envy’ and it has been known to split the tightest of friends and family! It comes from only the best parcels of Cabernet Savignon and Petit Verdot on the estate, with intensity of fruit, balance and ageability. This is a gift for a person who has shows generosity, because when that person pulls the cork on this bottle years from now, you’re going to want be with them to share it.

Web: Thelema

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