Gifts for the Foodie in your Life

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Have a fabulous foodie that you want to spoil this season? We pick our top gifts for the cook in your life.


AMC – 30 cm Electroroast
This festive season there’s bound to be loads of fabulous cooking happening in kitchens everywhere. Forget fighting for stovetop space to create your masterpiece, instead use the nifty Electroroast from AMC. You can transport a cooked meal and plug in to reheat, it’s also light on electricity use, so you won’t be adding to the need for load shedding – we’ll all be grateful for that. With a lifetime guarantee this is the gift that really keeps on giving… forever!

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AB Products – Black Gold Balsamic Reduction
It’s not called Black Gold for no reason! This yummy balsamic reduction goes with just about everything. Dress a summer salad, deglaze food in the pan or create decorative masterpieces on the plate. It’s the ideal balance of sweet and tangy, and gives a splash of flavour to any dish.

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Lardiere Foods – Weck Bottling Jars
There is something quite special about giving or receiving a homemade gift. These retro looking glass Weck jars are the perfect containers for homemade treats. They also make trendy looking décor pieces or tableware when the treats have all been nibbled. See our amazing edible gifts spread in this issue for fab ideas!

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Verlaque – Sweet Basil Olive Oil & Tomato Balsamic Reduction
Supporting local should be top of the priority lists for South Africans this holiday season. Verlaque uses only the best South African extra virgin olive oil and infuses with fresh herbs. These perfectly balanced liquid flavours are bottled with beautifully illustrated labels, giving a hint to the quality and craftsmanship found in each bottle. The Sweet Basil Olive Oil & Tomato Balsamic Reduction has burst-in-the-mouth basil flavour over smooth grassy olive oil with rich sun-dried tomato taste. Use as a marinade with lamb, pork, game, duck or that freshly caught fish or dress salads, vegetables or carpaccio.

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Cook.Better – Quivertree
Know an aspiring master chef? This book is the perfect Christmas gift. It’s not a cook book, it’s a book about cooking. Learn to identify your caraway from your cardamom and easy techniques to chop like a champion. A worthwhile investment for any foodie who wants to up their game − easy to follow and full of useful info.

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Eetrite® Lotus Rock™ Cookware
For the aspiring foodie in your life Eetrite’s Lotus Rock™ cookware is a wonderful gift that gives back – they get to cook in style and you get to eat all the yummy results! Lotus Rock™ cookware is constructed from carbon steel; it has a hard wearing ceramic interior and smart features that make it easy to cook with and even easier to clean. Double bonus!

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