The Best Braai Essentials For Braai Day

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Heritage Day is around the corner and with that comes the stress of planning the perfect braai. Instead of looking for everything last minute and feeling more frazzled than you began with, entrust us with helping you find all your braaing needs. We’ve got the right wood, spices, gadgets and more to make this Braai Day extra special.

Food and Flavours

Meat Online

Struggling with where to get your meat from this Braai Day? Look no further than Meat Online. They offer online ordering and home delivery around Gauteng. Meat-Online is a partnership between The Grillhouse, one of Joburg’s finest steakhouses and Meat Brothers, who have over 40 years’ experience in supplying top quality meat to restaurants and the Hospitality Industry. So you know you’re going to get the highest quality meat out there at well-priced rates.

They offer beef, lamb, pork, chicken, sausages, burgers, biltong and sauces and even offer a range of themed boxes – e.g. “The Braai for 8”, “The Busy Cook” etc. All of their products are “A” Grade, sourced only from approved facilities who ensure certain standards of animal welfare. Head over to our Instagram feed to enter to win with Meat Online. | Facebook | Instagram

Cape Herb & Spice

The uncontested secret to braai success lies in the spice! Cape Herb & Spice expertly balances ingredients for sticky caramelisation, with masterful flavour combinations to suit all palettes. Inspired by global flavour trends their Rub Tin range provides a deliciously complex seasoning selection that are braai menu must-haves! These handy shaker tins are as easy to use as they are on the eye. Simply sprinkle or rub with oil to coat your favourite meat or veg. Better yet, they are good for you too, with no added preservatives, bulking agents or added MSG. Be sure to try Cape Herb’s 2 NEW Rub Tin flavours, Greek Lemon & Herb and Smokehouse BBQ.

Alternatively, braai masters-in-the-making can custom create the perfect blend using Cape Herb’s popular smoked paprika – sourced from Spain’s top producers and with no added colourants, this bold Spice of Origin adds a sweet smoky richness that makes it a braai essential. Head over to our Instagram feed to enter to win with Cape Herb & Spice. | Facebook | Instagram

Smoked Flavours Liquid Smoke

If you’re looking to up your braai game this year, then adding some smoky flavour to your dish will cement your reputation as the braai master you know you are! The Liquid Smoke range enables you to easily add a smoky flavour to any meal by adding it to a sauce, marinade, during the cooking process or even to already prepared meals. Made from real wood chips and containing no artificial flavourings or colourants, this really is the flavoursome way to go. The delicious deep taste you get from a traditional smoker is the same taste you get from Liquid Smoke, only it’s so much easier, faster and needs no fancy equipment! The range comes in Cherry, Apple, Hickory & Oak, European Beech, Mesquite and Hickory, so you are spoilt for choice when it comes to just what flavour you bring to your dish. For additional smoky depth also try their Hickory Smoked Salt, Smoked Olive Oil and Chilli Smoked Olive Oil, all available through their online shop or through their network of stockists across South Africa. | Facebook | Instagram

Hog House Friendly Fire Vintage Chilli Sauce

Hoghouse is known for their low and slow style smoked meats, cooked over several hours from morning until dusk. Their chilli sauces are renowned for adding even more bitey flavour to their delicious meats. Now you can bring those delicious flavours to the comfort of your own home with their Friendly Fire Vintage Chilli Sauce. Made with fermented chillies, this sauce will add some extra punchy, delicious flavour to your next braai.

Funky Ouma

A 100% female-owned company that offers wonderful farm fresh herb-filled salts and spices for everyday use. It is a tastier, healthier and natural substitute to your everyday salts and spice. The salt is ideal for cooking, braai, marinating, baking bread or even just as table salt. You can use their products knowing there are no preservatives, no MSG, no colourants, non-iodised salt, non-irradiated herbs, low sodium, gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan, and proudly South African. With Funky Ouma, every meal is a feast. | Facebook | Instagram

The Cooksister Sosatie Marinade

If you don’t have a go-to marinade already then throw this delicious one into the ring. The Cooksister Old Fashioned Sosatie Marinade brings you traditional South African flavours of apricot chutney but made better and enhanced with spices, herbs and onion. It’s the perfect glaze for all your braai favourites. This marinade is sure to steal the show this braai day.

Cool Tools For Braai Day

Weber iGrill 3 Bluetooth® Thermometer

This one is for all the tech-savvy braai masters out there. This Bluetooth thermometer monitors food from beginning to end, and notifies you via the Weber iGrill app once it has reached the perfect degree to serve. How cool is that?! Say goodbye to hovering over the hot fire and spend more time relaxing and hanging out with family and friends.

BBQ Meat Claws

Get back to basics with these Meat Claws! Rip through meat and poultry with ease with the claws’ natural grip. No more hand cramps and no more burning, an actual braai life-saver. The ‘claws’ provide excellent purchase for shredding meat, and gripping large cuts and roasts, doing the job a fork could never do. This braai day will be made simpler with these meat claws

Rapid Ice Wine Chiller

You’re sitting outside watching the braai, laughing with your friends and family, you take a swig from your wine glass and *gasp* ‘oh no, it’s warm!’ Avoid disaster this Braai Day and get yourself a Rapid Ice Wine Bottle Chiller. It only takes 5 minutes for the contents to be completely chilled, and the Chiller will keep it cool for hours.

Firewire Flexible Stainless Steel Grilling Skewers

Sometimes having skewers on the braai can be a real pain but not with these flexible grilling skewers. This simple tool solves a lot of complicated grilling problems and makes marinating so much easier. These skewers not only maximise space on the braai but can also hold twice as much food on each skewer than the conventional ones.

Beer Food Fire Cookbook

The ultimate cookbook and beer bible you need to have in your collection. Jam-packed with recipes, this book covers everything from simple dry rubs to marinades, seafood, meat and desserts. Alongside all the mouthwatering food is plenty of interesting knowledge about the local craft beer industry, with suggested beer pairings along the way.

LK Potjie Pot

Nothing like a good ol’ potjie to kick off Braai Day. If you’re looking for a fun, colourful version of the traditional potjie then look no further. This colourful enamel version will surely get your family talking. It’s not just a pretty face, its enamel coated cast iron construction ensures that your food won’t stick to the surface.

Braai Tongs

Tongs Tongs Tongs Tongs Tongs! Everyone needs a pair of reliable, easy to use tongs for cooking on the braai. These sturdy and stylish Tramotina tongs are long-lasting, meaning you won’t have to think about a replacement for years to come.

Bringing Some Style To Your Braai Day

Blue and White Tablecloth

Throw this tablecloth on your outside table, put some lemons in a glass bowl and you’re in Southern Italy! This blue and white tablecloth is the perfect decor addition to your outside area, just enough colour to make a statement but not so bright that all your other decorations get lost.

Vintage Outdoor Lighting

Light up your life! These energy saving LED string lights are perfect for adding a fun yet simple element to your outdoor area. Now you can eat, drink and relax outside even at night. The rubber wire is designed to be weatherproof, so you really can have a stress-free and beautifully lit braai evening.


A cooler box but make it fashion. This compact, grab ‘n go cooler is the perfect cooler for all your drinks needs. It will keep your beverages cold and perfectly insulated with a lid that seals closed with a clip-over stainless steel handle.

18L Rogue Ice Cooler

Salad Bowl

You don’t have to compromise style for price. This salad bowl will bring sophistication to your table, an added extra element that will not go unnoticed. Perfect for family size salads, pasta and even chips.

Laguiole Carving Set

Ooh la la! A french carving set made by master cutlers in France, every Laguiole tool has to go through 50 quality control steps to pass inspection. The finest quality for those who have a deep appreciation for food. This set includes a carving knife and a two-pronged fork.

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