Chad-O-Chef Boma Braai: More Than Just A Braai

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Spring has arrived and Heritage Day will be here sooner than you think. With a nation as diverse as ours, Heritage Day is an especially exciting holiday with so many creative expressions being celebrated. For many of us, we use this opportunity to have a family braai and the Chad-O-Chef Boma Braai opens up the world of braaiing to so much more.

Celebrating South African Culture

This public holiday is a delightful opportunity to recognise and celebrate our rich South African culture. The food we eat is often the highlight of the event, with flavours and aromas taking us back decades to the recipes our grandparents handed down to us and which we can hopefully pass down for generations to come. Our heritage gives us a sense of identity and belonging, taking us back home even if just metaphorically speaking.


Standing around a fire with good friends and family reminds us of who we are and where we have come from. The Chad-O-Chef Boma Braai allows you to expand your cooking horizons – you can now cook that family curry with the rich herbs and spices that form part of a Durbanites identity, or an amazing fish dish best served by Cape Town locals.

Chad-O-Chef Boma Braai – Bringing Family’s Together

The Boma braai can easily serve up a vast range of dishes from breakfast to lunch and right through to dinner – the flame hot griddle area spreads the heat out along the flat grilling surface around it. This gives you the opportunity to grill faster, cooking foods closer to the fire and slower cooking foods further away.


Whether your focus is good food or a warm and social atmosphere, the Boma Braai is the perfect addition to any outdoor entertainment area. The Boma Braai is a free-standing braai, offering you and your guests an opportunity to braai from all four sides. This allows more people to join in the braai action, or even just to stand around and join in the social activities.

This is a first of its kind in South Africa, offering something special for all of us. It is available in different finishes, suiting a rustic or modern style and can be accompanied by various accessories. Whoever you are and wherever you may be, on this day we stand as one and proudly raise our flags for South Africa our home. | Facebook | Instagram


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