Our Favourite Savoury Pie Recipes

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A great pie is the stuff of legend. Crispy, flaky golden pastry encasing a tasty, hot filling – what’s not to love about that? Granted, late-night petrol station visits have put pies in a bad light but if you partake in that, you only have yourself to blame. We suggest forgoing those greasy excuses and instead make your own. We round up our favourite savoury pie recipes to get you started.

Classics Savoury Pie Recipes

These pies are where it all began…

savoury pie recipes cornish pasties
savoury pie recipes pork pies

Classic Cornish Pasties

This humble pie was traditionally made for 17th and 18th Century miners. It was the perfect meal for a hungry miner – a tasty meat filling encased in thick pastry that could be held in one hand to eat and required no cutlery.

Recipe for Cornish Pasties

Classic Pork Pies

This pie filling is super easy, but be sure to buy good quality pork mince with a good fat ratio, if it’s too lean the pie will turn out dry.

Recipe for Classic Pork Pies

Offal Pies

Nose-to-tail is the way to cook, so if you find yourself with some offal, put it in a pie! Incidentally, the term ‘eating humble pie’ originated from this idea – back in the day, offal was known as ‘umble’ and umble pies were a popular way of using these cuts that often need long braising. Who knew!

savoury pie recipes beef cheek kidney pie
savoury pie recipes classic steak kidney pudding

Beef Cheek and Kidney Pie

Up level the classic steak and kidney pie by using beef cheeks, they become beautifully moist and tender when cooked like this.

Recipe for Beef Cheek and Kidney Pie

Steak and Kidney Pudding

No, not a sweet pudding! Pudding, as in the French word boudin, meaning encased meats. This ‘pudding’ is loaded with flavour and best served on a winters day, glass of vino in hand.

Recipe for Steak and Kidney Pudding

Vegetarian Savoury Pie Recipes

Veggie fillings are totally delish and very versatile. These combine veggies and cheese.

savoury pie recipes jerusalem artichoke
savoury pie recipes leek and goats chees hand pies

Jerusalem Artichoke Pithiver

A pithivier is a traditional French country-style pie that uses puff pastry and is named after the town where it is said to have originated. This version uses beautiful Jerusalem artichokes with fresh wild garlic and Parmesan cheese.

Recipe for Jerusalem Artichoke Pithiver

Cheese and Leek Hand Pies

Made with goats cheese, these pies have a bit of richness, so are perfect bite size picnic or padkos snacks.

Recipe for Cheese and Leek Hand Pies

Chicken Pies

Chicken pies are classics for a reason. Homey, comforting and delish!

savoury pie recipes chicken pie
savoury pie recipes chicken pie

Shortcrust Chicken Pie

This pie uses roasted sweet potatoes as a base, which is a great idea, as you don’t run the risk of soggy, uncooked pastry at the bottom of your pie. And if you’re afraid of making your own pastry, just remember that shortcrust is the most forgiving so go wild with your patterns.

Recipe for Chicken Pie

Classic Chicken Pie

There’s a reason this chicken pie made it onto the Crush most searched recipes – it’s easy to make and the bacon and tarragon make it delicious!

Recipe for Chicken Pie

Porky Pies

Have you ever met a sausage roll you didn’t like?

savoury pie recipes
savoury pie recipes pork sausage rolls

Pork Sage and Apple Pie

All the delicious flavour combinations lovingly enclosed together by a pastry top.

Recipe for Pork, Sage and Apple Pie

Classic Pork Sausage

Sausage rolls are almost always a favourite and these are simply delicious!

Recipe for Classic Pork Sausage

Lamb-y Goodness

Slow braised lamb makes for the most indulgent and rich pie filling. YUM.

savoury pie recipes baa baa balsamic pie
savoury pie recipes mince lamb pies

Baa Baa Balsamic Lamb Pie

Fall apart tender lamb, in a sticky, sweet and tarty onion balsamic sauce under a crisp buttery crust.

Recipe for Baa Baa Balsamic Lamb Pie

Mini Lamb Pies in Yoghurt Pastry

This yoghurt pastry is ridiculously crispy and easy to make.

Recipe for Mini Lamb Pies in Yoghurt Pastry

Venison Savoury Pie Recipes

Venison is a leaner cut so if you’re making a saucy pie, make sure you pack it with flavour and richness.

savoury pie recipes vineson pie
savoury pie recipes venison welligton

Venison Pie

A deliciously different way to make venison pie – slow cooked and tender.

Recipe for Venison Pie

Venison Wellington

This is a simple, slightly lighter version of a classic beef Wellington, using phyllo pastry instead of puff pastry.

Recipe for Venison Wellington

A Different Kind of Pie

Pastry comes in all shapes and forms. Don’t judge.

savoury pie recipes Beef short rib pie
savoury pie recipes steak & Kidney Cottage Pie

Beef Shortrib Pies with Potato Topping

Because this pie filling is quite rich, we opted to top with a layer of crispy, butter-brushed potato slices, taking inspiration from a traditional Lancashire Hot Pot.

Recipe for Beef Shortrib Pies with Potato Topping

Steak and Kidney Cottage Pie

This ultimate winter warmer is packed with tender meat, distinctive kidney flavour, umami mushrooms and silky soft onions all snugly housed under a buttery and crusty mash topping.

Recipe for Steak and Kidney Cottage Pie

savoury pie recipes Modern mushroom pie
savoury pie recipes chicken spinach pie

Modern Mushroom Pie

The filling of mixed wild mushrooms is encased in a deep-fried, cream cheese empanada shell.

Recipe for Modern Mushroom Pie

LCHF Chicken Pie

For the low-carb aficionados, the pastry is made using coconut and almond flour.

Recipe for LCHF Chicken Pie

Love these savoury pies? Check out these sweet pies and pastries as well.

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