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Modern Mushroom Pie

Modern Mushroom Pie


The filling of mixed wild mushrooms is encased in a deep-fried, cream cheese empanada shell.

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Mushroom Ragout

600 g assorted mushrooms (shimeji, portabellini, oyster, button and porcini)

40 g butter

½ onion, chopped

1 sprig thyme

1 bay leaf

1 clove garlic,  crushed

¼ C (60 ml) brandy

¼ C (60 ml) white wine

300 ml cream

salt and black pepper

1 Tbsp (15 ml) chives, chopped

1 Tbsp (15 ml) parsley, chopped

¼ lemon


180 g flour

135 g plain cream cheese   

60 g butter

1 ½ tsp (7.5 ml) sugar

salt to taste

oil for deep frying

60 g mature cheddar or parmesan, grated

micro greens to garnish

Mushroom Ragout

Cut the assorted mushrooms.

Heat the butter in a frying pan and gently sauté the onions. Add the thyme, bay leaf and mushrooms and cook until the mushrooms are soft and have some colour, add the garlic. Deglaze with brandy and white wine. Add the cream and then reduce by almost half until thickened, adjust the seasoning.

Add parsley and chives and add a squeeze of lemon before serving.


Combine all of the ingredients and rest for 30 minutes before use.

Roll the dough out to 2 mm thickness and cut into 8 cm diameter disks.

Heat the oil to frying temperature in a deep-fryer or in a deep sided saucepan.

Deep fry the disks, a few at a time and allow to puff up, ensuring that both sides are fried and golden. Remove and place on paper towel to drain the excess oil. Allow to cool.

With a sharp knife split the disk into two disks.

To plate, place three disks per serving on a tray, ensuring that the cut side is facing upwards. Place ragout on top of each, top with another disk (facing down), sprinkle with cheese and microgreens and serve.