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Pinot Noir

Pinot noir

Pieter Visser was part of the Oak Valley family for many years and responsible for many accolades in wine circles. His calm, down-to-earth personality drew people towards him and his beautiful wines. Sadly he was taken away from us recently and with that, leaves behind a legacy of magnificent wines. Oak Valley is not only a wine farm, but is also known for their cut flowers, apples, meat and of course mountain biking. There is a sense of harmony on the farm and everybody gets involved in everything, creating a world-class and tranquil tourist destination.

Oak Valley Pinot Noir is expressed in a range of ripe berry flavours of maraschino cherry, vibrant strawberry and raspberry notes. After ageing, the primary fruit character gives way to offer more classic Pinot complexity, of earthiness, smoked bacon, dark mushrooms and wild berries. Juicy, clean, soft and elegant. We lift a glass to Pieter!

Oak Valley Pinot Noir 2012