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Moscato Perlé


Moscato D’Asti has enjoyed a Renaissance in recent years thanks to its introduction to popular hip-hop culture. In fact, it has slotted into the third most popular variety in the US behind Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio. As a wine that is popular among new wine drinkers, well-versed wine enthusiasts have also rediscovered their love for it as an apéritif and dessert wine, as was the tradition at multicourse evening meals in Italy. Muscat Bianco is traditionally grown on the hilltop town of Asti in Italy and portrays earthy musk aromas. Made in the frizzante style, Moscato D’Asti was the wine that winemakers made for themselves. Its low alcohol by volume allowed a few glasses at noon with mealtime and did not slow down the winemaker or his workers.

The first grapes at De Krans were planted in 1936 mainly for the production of raisins, and some, sweet wine. The present cellar was built in 1964 and De Krans quickly became well-known for quality ports and Muscat sweet wines. With Moscato’s recent growth in popularity, De Krans was quick to realize the potential of this style in South Africa and with this, their second vintage, popularity is certainly growing. Their example is made of Muscat de Frontignan, one of the many family members in the bigger Muscat family. It shows full fruit flavours such as apricot, litchi, tangy lemon and even a bit of honey. It is naturally sweet, but not cloying, with a gentle fizz and the best part is the low alcohol of 9% by volume. So it is light, fruity and really easy to drink.

De Krans Moscato Perlé 2013