Luke Dale-Roberts & Jorge Vallejo Collaborate at The Pot Luck Club

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This September, a collaboration between iconic chefs Luke Dale-Roberts of The Test Kitchen fame in Cape Town and Jorge Vallejo of renowned Quintonil Restaurant, in Mexico City, promises to be a top billing event on the global culinary stage.

This collaboration will see the celebrated chefs share the kitchen on the evenings of 15, 16 and 17 September. The initiative is driven by Ven a comer, the global platform to promote the Mexican Government’s “National Policy to Foster Gastronomy”. The campaign highlights the varied cuisine, regional flavours, culinary heroes, and food heritage of Mexico and has proven a major factor in driving new and returning visitors to Mexican shores.

Mexico’s rich, diverse and influential millennial gastronomic tradition goes back to its ancient civilisations, who first domesticated and cultivated world staples such as maize, chillies, tomatoes, avocado and cocoa, and was subsequently enriched through five centuries of culinary interaction with the rest of the world, culminating in its modern incarnation so masterfully exemplified by Jorge Vallejo.

Vallejo is famed for his new generation style Mexican cuisine where techniques and flavours drawing on thousands of years of gastronomical tradition are given a thoroughly modern twist and local produce is championed. Vallejo is a beacon of groundbreaking culinary endeavours in his home country.

Dale-Roberts, South Africa’s most celebrated chef, is also enjoying an increasing focus from discerning local diners and food oriented international travelers who ensure his iconic eateries The Test Kitchen, The Pot Luck Club and the newly opened Shortmarket Club are on their itineraries.

Jorge and I met recently and bonded over a shared passion for pushing boundaries using local produce, he’s a fantastic chef and I am really looking forward to getting into the kitchen with him to share ideas and produce exciting and unique taste experiences for our diners – it’s what we live for”, says Dale-Roberts.

Luke Dale-Roberts’ Test Kitchen is currently ranked No.22 amongst the World’s 50 Best Restaurants and rated Best Restaurant in Africa for the past 3 consecutive years while Jorge Vallejo’s Quintonil restaurant is listed at No.12. As this once-in-a-lifetime collaboration is expected to generate great interest, The Pot Luck Club at the Old Biscuit Mill, with its larger seating capacity and unique elevated setting overlooking Cape Town, has been chosen as the venue to host the event.

Fresh from the World’s Best Restaurants Awards recently held in New York City, these two food mavericks are excited to be participating in what promises to be a stellar series of collaborative dinners, featuring the best of both of their culinary offerings, innovations and delvings into each other’s culture and approach to ingredients and cooking.

The three evenings promise to be spectacular on all levels – from the carefully distilled Mexican tequilas and expertly blended wines from both countries on offer to the artistically prepared plates of culinary spoils, not to mention the opportunity to meet two of the world’s greatest chefs.

The cost of this global epicurean 10-Course experience is R2500 per person including wines and R1600 per person for the tea pairing. Vegetarian and Pescatarian menus will be available.

To reserve your table, please book via 021 447 2337 (office hours) or email. | Facebook | Twitter

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