Inverroche Spices Things Up with Launch of Coco L’Orange

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Inverroche Distillery adds a second addition to its Creative Collection with the launch of Coco L’Orange. Once again, making big moves in the South African handcrafted gin scene, offering you more exciting new flavours and profiles.

The Creative Collection

Founded by Lorna Scott and her family in the small fishing village of Still Bay, on the South Cape coast of South Africa, the region is known for being the centre of creative thinking. Inspired by the numerous pieces of evidence excavated at two nearby archaeological sites: Blombos Caves and Pinnacle Point, the distillery has created The Inverroche Creative Collection in recognition of the significance these discoveries hold.

The Creative Collection aims to start conversations about our common origins, our current actions and the future so ripe with possibility. Let us harness the power of creativity to set in motion a sustainable tomorrow.

“Lorna Scott cherishes a vision to create products that can be associated with the people of a nation and this ambition set the stage for the No.2 Coco L’Orange.”

The story of humankind as intellectual and creative makers of art set the stage for No.1 Coco Carissa. The launch, a roaring success, appealed to the adventurous hearts of the South African gin consumer. A blend of Africa, South America, India, and Europe forged the harmonious fusion. Culinary exploration lies at the root of social interaction as it binds and connects us across all continents.

The Quest

Our quest for new flavours led to many ventures in search of spices, exotic botanicals and discovering new uses and combinations. Our wanderlust grew the trade routes, connecting cultures and people from across the globe. Lorna Scott cherishes a vision to create products that can be associated with the people of a nation and this ambition set the stage for No.2 Coco L’Orange. Historically significant botanicals such as saffron derived from the Crocus sativus flower, the orange blossom of the Citrus sinensis tree and seeds from the Theobroma cacao tree merge to fashion this liquid of world-class quality.

Spicing things up with Coco L’Orange

No.2 Coco L’Orange is a gin with zesty character and a hint of spice. On the nose, dark chocolate, orange blossoms, coffee beans and toasted hot cross buns arise. The palate enjoys layers of caramel fudge, candied ginger, rooibos, and marmalade, followed by honey, hay, subtle juniper and a pinch of pepper.

Inverroche Coco Orange
The finish is long and warm with a bite of cinnamon and a burst of welcome sweet citrus. She is dramatic, bold, mysterious, strong and charismatic with vibrant colouring inherited from her spicy origins. Carrying the antiquity of old within her flavours and the innovation of the new within her future. This bottle of gin is for sharing!

Inverroche Distillery produces luxury brands of the handcrafted liquor variety with their portfolio including: The Fynbos Collection consisting of Gin Classic, Gin Verdant, and Gin Amber, African Blackstrap Rum Aged 7 Years, Limestone Rum Aged 10 Years, Botanique Brandy Liqueur, CaféCoco Rum Liqueur, Marmalade Gin Liqueur, and Coco Carissa as well as Coco L’Orange of The Creative Collection. | FacebookInstagramTwitter

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