Inverroche Releases The Creative Collection Coco Carissa

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Ask anyone who kick-started the craft gin movement in South Africa, and the answer will most likely be Lorna Scott, Founder and CEO of Inverroche Gin. Since those quiet beginnings in 2012, the gin scene has positively exploded with a plethora of incredible gins available to the local market. It is important then to always remain a step ahead of the game and Inverroche ensures this by introducing the first of its latest, limited release range – introducing The Creative Collection Coco Carissa.

The Inverroche Brand

Inverroche Distillery produces luxury brands of the handcrafted liquor variety. The portfolio currently includes: The Fynbos Collection consisting of Classic, Verdant and Amber Gin, 7- year-old Blackstrap Rum, Botanique Brandy Liqueur and now showcases Coco Carissa of The Creative Collection.

The Beginnings of Inverroche

Founded by the Scott family, their heritage set the stage for the brand name – Inverroche. The Scottish word “Inver” meaning ‘a confluence of water’ and the French word “Roche” meaning ‘rock or stone’, are two of the very elements that have come together to spark this venture.

“It is only by sharing new ideas and products with others that ideas become reality and once adopted, become instruments of change.”

At Home in Still Bay

Still Bay, the brand home, is situated in the abundant Cape Floristic region, known locally as fynbos, which is world renowned for its large and diverse variety of botanical species. Not only the carrier of plentiful resources, but also rich history that has survived on the aforementioned. This Cradle of Creativity is the site of discovery for the oldest art, dating back 73 000 years, which signifies the connectedness that lives here and tethers us to each other.

Creative Collection Coco Carissa

The Creative Collection Coco Carissa

Crossing land and ocean, we share with each other and this inspired the innovation that is Coco Carissa. A blend of Africa, South America, India and Europe forged the harmonious fusion needed to bring to life No. 1 of the Creative Collection. Key ingredients being the seeds of the Theobroma cacao tree which grows in the Amazonian forests of South America, better known as cocoa or chocolate and the red berries of the Carissa bispinosa, an indigenous tree from the forests of the Southern Cape, better known as the num-num.

These components being the namesakes from which Coco Carissa derived her name, we also hope that by connecting botanicals from two fragile biomes, and separate continents, we can remind you if the interconnectedness everyone on this planet shares with each other and especially – our environment.

Creative Collection Coco Carissa

What to Expect in Coco Carissa

Coco Carissa welcomes you at first with a Turkish delight palate, which then develops into the slightly sweeter ripe berries nuance and finally a long, lingering dark chocolate finish. Always keeping with a subtle yet enduring juniper backbone, she is a luscious, complex gin that stays true to her character.

A soft rose on the nose followed by vanilla, almond, hints of sweet citrus and even a dash of cinnamon and spice complete the well-rounded experience. This bottle of gin is for sharing!

The Creative Collection aims to start conversations about common origins, current actions and the future so ripe with possibility. It encourages us to harness the power of creativity to set in motion a sustainable tomorrow.| Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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