Wine Rose
Somerset West

Circumstance Cape Coral Rose

Somerset West

At Waterkloof the aim is to produce ‘honest’ wines that truly express this unique site on the Schapenberg, next to Sir Lowry’s Pass near Somerset West. At Waterkloof they choose to work in harmony with nature, rather than manipulating and overexploiting the environment. The use of horses rather than tractors, and chickens in place of pesticides, are just two of the dedicated techniques this farm employs. Circumstance is a range of wines, each defined by a single grape varietal and a unique symphony of fortuitous circumstances (soil, aspect and altitude), in which that given varietal is grown. Mourvèdre is most commonly known as Monastrell in Spain, where the grape is thought to have originated from. It is also a major component in many of the famous rosé wines from the southern regions of France. The wine has a pale, salmon colour with delicate floral aromas and hints of pomegranate. The delicate aromas are well balanced, with a crisp yet gentle acidity on the finish.