A Mother’s Day Feast

Words: Jess Spiro

Moms. What would we do without them? Who else cut the crusts off our sandwiches? Who else fetched and carried us to soccer, netball, hockey? Who else could find that elusive pair of jeans in the back of your cupboard? They really do keep the world running, so in honour of all the hardworking moms out there we’ve put together the best Sunday lunch, starting with breakfast in bed.

Let the treats begin from when she opens her eyes. Wake her up with a cup of tea and this Braided Chocolate and Hazelnut Bread and let her enjoy a peaceful moment in bed. These Buttermilk Scones are also a perfect Sunday morning spoil, don’t forget the whipped cream and jam!
When mom has risen from bed, make sure you celebrate her day properly. With lunch. Make sure mom just relaxes while you get busy in the kitchen by serving this Pomegranate Cosmopolitanthe seasonal tipple will have her toasting herself in no time! To give everyone something to snack on, pop a few bowls of these Spicy, Wholesome Winter Nibblesthey’re the ideal snack to go with drinks.
While things are getting merry, you can get lunch sorted. We love these Rustic Roasted Baby Chickens with Herb Stuffed Onions – they’re easy and delicious  are come complete with moreish crispy potatoes. Show off how much you love your veggies (thanks, Mom!) by putting together this Roasted Root Vegetables and Pomegranate SaladMom will love the simple yet thoughtful menu you’ve put together.
Roast Baby ChickenRoasted-Root-Vegetables-&-Pomegranate-Salad_300x300
When it comes to dessert, why not go all out for the woman who carried you, fed you, bathed you, taught you to tie your shoe laces, among other things? This Mother’s Day, give her the choice of two exceptional desserts. This Pear and Vanilla Honey Pudding is right up mom’s alley and is the perfect not-too-sweet ending to a meal. When you’re serving coffee, pull out your final trick up your sleeve and serve these irresistible Honey-Glazed CrullersShe’ll love them, and you, for making such a beautiful meal.


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