12 Tasty Beer Recipes to Make this Weekend

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Chefs and home cooks are increasingly using their favourite brew as an ingredient in their cooking and are creating seriously tasty beer recipes. The great thing about cooking with beer is that, unlike wine, when cooked, beer retains a lot of its flavour. It’s great as a liquid to use for braising tough cuts of meat, or, if you’re looking for a flavour injection, beer makes a great marinade. Let’s not forget using it to create a great airy batter (we’re looking at you beer battered onion rings).

For a long time though, beer was considered as the unclassy counterpart to wine, perceived to be consumed by cavemen with beer bellies and exclusively paired with biltong or peanuts at braais and dodgy pubs. However, with the rise of the craft beer movement, there’s been an elevation of the status of beer and the people who drink it. It’s no longer reserved exclusively for one gender (hooray!) it’s enjoyed by everyone – beer is finally getting the respect it deserves.

When it comes to cooking with beer the possibilities are endless, to get the best out of your beer and try these beer recipes. Bottoms up!

Our Favourite Beer Recipes

Beer Recipe 1: Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Ale Beer Bread

This is our go-to beer bread that never fails to impress. The pumpkin ale is what makes it so special and it’s brewed with an interesting mix of pumpkin, butternut, cinnamon, coriander and nutmeg. It’s great as a side at any braai or on its own with thick slabs of butter.


Beer Recipe 2: Bacon & Beer Jam

This jam pairs perfectly with the pumpkin ale bread. Top with mature cheddar cheese, rocket leaves and a squeeze of lemon for ultimate caveman heaven.


Beer Recipes Sweet Potato Pumpkin Ale Beer Bread
Beer Recipes Bacon Beer Jam

Beer Recipe 3: Amber Ale Sticky Lamb Shanks

In this dish, the basting sauce for the shanks is made with Jack Black Lumberjack Amber Ale. It’s a roasted malt amber ale with a rich red colour, and is perfect for washing down roasted and caramelised meat.


Beer Recipe 4: Schweinshaxe With Beer Gravy

A delicious German classic, the haxe is steeped with yummy flavour from the beer. Serve with our bacon sauerkraut to cut through all the richness.


Beer Recipes Amber Ale Sticky Lamb Shanks
Beer Recipes Schweinshaxe

Beer Recipe 6: Beef & Mushroom Stout Stew With Colcannon

This dish will have your mouth exploding with umami goodness from the star ingredients bacon, mushroom and anchovies.

Beer Recipe 6: Spanish Spiced & Beer Marinated Prawns with Chorizo

Beer and seafood, trust us this recipe is a real zinger!


Beer Recipes Beef & Mushroom Stout Stew with Colcannon
Beer Recipes Spanish Spiced & Beer Marinated Prawns

Beer Recipe 7: Asian Beer Braised Pork Tacos

Golden ales, with their fresh fruity flavours and subtle hop kick, are best mates with the complex sweet, sour and savoury flavours of the East. This beer-braised pork is fall-apart tender and with some coconut-wasabi cream, it’s the perfect topping for a fusion taco fiesta.


Beer Recipe 8: T-Bone Steak with Indian Pale Ale Onion Rings

IPA is one of our favourite styles of beer – it’s floral, fruity and seriously hoppy. It’s got enough bite to stand up to the heaviest of foods and it makes the perfect coating for crunchy onion rings.


Beer Recipes Asian Beer Braised Pork Neck Tacos
Beer Recipes T Bone Steak Indian Pale Ale Onion Rings

Beer Recipe 9: Sriracha Amber Ale Hot Wings with Blue Cheese Dip

Hot wings are always a crowd pleaser and this easy oven-baked version ensures a crispy skin and succulent centre. Our sauce is made with amber ale which has enough body to stand up to the heat of the Sriracha.


Beer Recipe 10: Beer & Cheese Fondue

This retro-style dish gets a contemporary makeover with the addition of beer.


Beer Recipes Sriracha amber ale hot wings
Beer Recipes recipe beer and cheese fondue

Beer Recipe: 11 Guinness & Peanut Butter Ice Cream Float

Ice cream floats that’ll take you back to your childhood, but remind you why it is great being an adult.


Beer Recipe 12: Guinness Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Icing

There is something quite special about the combination of chocolate and peanut butter, they are just meant to be together.

Beer Recipes guinness and peanut butter ice cream float
Beer Recipes guinness cupcakes with peanut butter icing

Love these tasty beer recipes and want to know more? Check out our Crafted Channel of beer content.

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