Female Owned Businesses That Should Be On Your Radar

Words: Katrina Rose Wind

Beyonce had the right idea when she sang ‘Who run the world… girls’. We’ve come up with a list of female owned businesses that should be on your radar, not just for women’s month but all year round.

Mama Bongi

female owned business
female owned business

Mama Bongi’s cookies have been the talk around town during lockdown and for good reason, her cookies are unbelievably delicious. She is an entrepreneur who saw a gap in the market and took the plunge. When she is not baking, she works for Amazing Spaces and the ‘gals’ there have helped her grow the Mama Bongi cookie business. This business has allowed her to help provide for her children back home in Zimbabwe, and has helped her accomplish one of her dreams.

She now has a number of stockists in Cape Town and Joburg where you can pick up these sought after cookies or you can order from her directly, she ships across South Africa. Check out her stockists and how to order at her website below.

mamabongi.co.za | Instagram

Happy Earth People

female owned business
female owned business

A 100% women owned business that proves that you can have it all, raise children and run a successful business. Happy Earth People is owned and run by Taleszia and Candice, after they discovered all the goodness that legumes hold, they headed to the kitchen with the very clear intention of reconnecting to wholeness, and rolled out their very first lentil pasta and Happy Earth People was born.

They create simple, locally made pulse-based food products. Through regenerative farming methods, using only whole-food ingredients, with zero additives and zero-waste packaging.

happyearthpeople.com | Instagram

Khayelitsha Farmer, Ncumisa Mkabile

female owned business 27 year old Ncumisa Mkabile has gained national recognition after she started a small-scale farming business during lockdown. She has a small chicken farm but what gained her notoriety is the spinach and cabbage she has been able to grow in the unused land in between the houses in Khayelitsha.

She was able to use the power of social media to get people to start buying from her and see the value of her farming. The spar in Khayelitsha Mall noticed and is now stocking her spinach. Follow her Instagram account to follow her journey and if you would like to place an order check out her FB group.

Instagram | Facebook

Grumpy & Runt

female owned business
female owned business

This female owned business is run by Johke and Carla, Grumpy & Runt is a little deli and donut shop in the heart of Cape Town. They are not only female-owned but also seek as far as possible to only employ women in their business. They have done that intentionally so that they can create opportunities for women, especially women of colour. From the barista to the cleaner and kitchen staff, it’s all ladies at Grumpy & Runt.

Their small deli in Dunkley Square offers a wide variety of New York-style deli food as well as delicious treats, all with one thing in common,everything is completely plant based. Another distinctive feature about this deli is that almost everything is made in-house, including their vegan butter, sauces, cheeses and meats. Enjoy a delicious reuben on rye or a delectable bagel, or even a donut or two, Grumpy & Runt’s food is sure to keep you coming back.

www.grumpyandrunt.com | Instagram

Kirsten’s Kick Ass Ice Cream

Female Owned Business

This female owned business is run by none other than Kristen herself. She started her business with an ice cream maker attachment that she received as a wedding gift. Ice cream made for parties quickly turned into ice cream orders for friends, and then strangers, and then an invitation to open my own shop in the Noordhoek farm village. They’ve now got additional locations in Constantia and Mauritius and have stockists across Cape Town, including Tamboerswinkel. Her mission and vision is to be the little community scoop shop where everyone feels welcome.

While the majority of their ice creams are made with milk, cream and sugar, they do offer flavours that are made with xylitol, as well as vegan options.

kristenskickass.co.za | Instagram

Faithful To Nature

Female Owned Business
Female Owned Business

South Africa’s largest, green online shop where they sell natural and organic products. Owned and run by Robyn Smith, this female owned business has proven to be one of the most important online retailers in South Africa.

They are also one of the first companies in the world to have created a strict ingredient policy that they absolutely never compromise on. This way you don’t have to worry – they have done the worrying for you and have checked every single product to be sure that it really is as green and as safe as its manufacturers claim it is.


Sweet Lionheart

Female Owned Business

Nikki Albertyn is the owner and creative director of what is one of the country’s foremost online bake shops. Ever in pursuit of what is fabulous and trending in the sweet world, Nikki leads an all-girl team creating bespoke cakes and treats that ooze style and fun. Nikki, a talented graphic designer, stylist and photographer fell in love with food (while working at Crush!) and trained at Silwood School of Cookery. Realising her true passion lay with baked goods, she opened Sweet Lionheart and now combines all her talents to create the brand’s signature style.

Besides becoming known for the tasty mouthfuls that fly out of SLH, Nikki and her team aim to inspire like-minded pastry chefs and aspiring bakers across the globe through their workshops and online school, growing a community through knowledge sharing.

sweetlionheart.com | Instagram


L-Gin, a handcrafted gin brand, was created by three female friends who live in Elgin and love gin. After completing distillation courses in Johannesburg and Stellenbosch and under the guidance of master distillers, L-Gin was born. The business is female-run and the fact that the sumptuous fruit and botanicals growing in the Elgin Valley are used to produce their beautiful gin.

Their gin has been favourited by gin lovers across the country and took Gold at the SA Craft Gin Awards 2019. They truly take pride in what they do. ‘As you would expect from three girls, our ideas never seem to stop. We are currently in the process of two new products. So, watch this space.’

l-gin.net | Instagram

Brewsters Craft

Female Owned Business

Founded by Apiwe Nxusani-Mawela, Brewsters Craft is the first black female majority owned brewing company in South Africa. Not only is Brewsters Craft providing a contract brewing service but it has also become the leading provider of training, quality analysis and consultant services within the South African brewing industry.

They pride themselves in using the latest technology in brewing equipment to offer superior quality products for a range of beer styles. They not only want to offer high quality service but they also want to empower current and future brewers through education and training.

brewsterscraft.co.za | Instagram

Pesto Princess

Female Owned Business
Female Owned Business

Founded by Kathleen in her kitchen in 1994, this business has shown that they’re here to stay by dominating the shelves at various delis, grocery stores and specialty stores. They’ve branched out from making strictly pesto to making soups, chimichurri sauce, tzatziki, you name it. They want their customers to not only eat delicious food but also nourishing food that is simple to prepare.

pesto.co.za | Instagram

Tessa’s Bakery

Female Owned Business

Tessa has been passionately baking for about 25 years making delicious treats from home. In 2012 she decided it was time to share her baked goods with the rest of us by opening up a shop and setting up a delivery service.

Her baked goods are all made from the finest ingredients, each with a unique touch, each creating a love story of its own. Ranging from chocolate caramel cake, red velvet cake, carrot cake, cheesecake, Peppermint crisp tarts, cupcakes and more! The perfect treat for birthdays, celebrations, tea time, and basically any time of day.

Instagram | Facebook

Aslina Wines By Ntsiki Biyela

Female Owned Business

Aslina Wines is a company wholly owned by Ntsiki Biyela, the first black female winemaker in South Africa. Ntsiki has built an impressive resume over the years –she was awarded a scholarship to study winemaking, she then graduated Stellenbosch University with a BSc in Agriculture (Viticulture and Oenology), slowly thereafter joining boutique winery, Stellekaya Wines. She has consulted and worked with winemakers in California and France and sits on the board of directors for the Pinotage Youth Development Academy, which provides technical training and personal development for young South Africans in the Cape Winelands, preparing them for work in the wine industry.

She creates a wide range of wine stocked across the country and has already won many accolades and awards. Make sure to check out how to order and where you can buy her wine on the website below.

aslinawines.co.za | Instagram

Trizanne Signature Wines

Female Owned Business
Female Owned Business

Trizanne graduated from Stellenbosch University with a degree in viticulture and oenology, worked multiple vintages abroad and then returned home in 2004 and was offered the opportunity of starting Anwilka Wines in conjunction with Klein Constantia role-players and Bordeaux winemakers. In 2008 she decided to start her own brand and thus Trizanne Signature Wines was born. She focuses on two very diverse wine regions, namely Elim and the Swartland.

She creates a wide range of wine, all delicious and has stockists across the country. Make sure to check out how to order and where you can buy her wine at the website below.

trizanne.co.za | Instagram

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