The Ultimate Hamburger Recipe Round Up

Words: Emma Nkunzana

The humble burger has reached almost cult status, with many people swearing by their particular method of making it. Have you got your favourite hamburger recipe? We round up a few of ours and we leave no person behind. We’ve got recipes for the biggest of appetites, for the forgotten vegetarian, some that are over the top and even ones for the 1% who still can still afford avo. Hamburgers everywhere we salute you; you’re our idea of the perfect meal.

Find your Favourite Hamburger Recipe

The Classics

They’re classics for a reason…

hamburger recipes Cheese burger
hamburger recipes beef burger

Classic Cheeseburger

Recipe by Chef Ash Heeger of Ash Restaurant. If you’ve had their burger then you know they mean business. This recipe contains the three secret ingredients to a killer cheeseburger: pickles, a 100% beefy patty and great sauces.

Recipe for  Classic Cheeseburger

The Original Beef Burger

Straight up with a smokey BBQ basting sauce and all the trimmings – let’s make burgers great again.

Recipe for Original Beef Burger

hamburger recipes Dagwood Burger
hamburger recipes Mushroom Stuffed Burger

Dagwood Burger

An all-time American classic, originally a sandwich but easily converted into a burger, sometimes bigger is better.

Recipe for Dagwood Burger

Mushroom Blend Burger

Whether you’re for stuffing a burger or not, you won’t be left disappointed by this bad boy.

Recipe for Mushroom Blend Burger

Chicken Lick’n Good

Who doesn’t love fried chicken?

hamburger recipe
hamburger recipes

Chicken & Avocado Burgers with Guacamole Pesto

Who said a burger couldn’t be healthy? These are easy to make and make great next-day leftovers.

Recipe for Chicken & Avocado Burgers

Southern Fried Chicken Burger

We love this chicken burger recipe so much! Sink your teeth into this crispy, tender chicken breast, top with the tangy slaw for Southern-style perfection.

Recipe for Southern Fried Chicken Burger

hamburger recipe spanish chicken burger
hamburger recipe chicken burger

Spanish-ish Chicken Burger

Say hello to our Frank-chooken-stein burger that’s somewhere between a burger and a paella.

Recipe for Spanish Chicken Burger

Rustic Crumbed Chicken Burger

Impress guests with this indulgent chicken burger stuffed with cranberry and brie.

Recipe for Crumbed Chicken  Burger

Vegetarian & Vegan

Gone are the days where a burger meant a beef-only patty. Make your own veggie patties with these recipes, or if you’re feeling lazy, zhoosh up pre-made patties with homemade toppings.

hamburger recipe veggie burger
hamburger recipe vegan burger

Veggie Burger

Aubergines make for a tasty and easy meat alternative.

Recipe for Veggie Burgers

Vegan Burgers with Hummus and Polenta Onion Rings

Jazz up pre-made patties with this wholesome hummus and crunchy egg-free onion rings.

Recipe for Vegan Burgers With Hummus

hamburger recipe vegan burger
hamburger recipe aubergine burger

Vegan Burgers with Black Bean Hummus

This patty is made from chickpeas and carrots, smear with the homemade black bean hummus and cashew tzatziki for an earthy meal.

Recipe for Vegan Burgers with Black Bean Hummus

Caprese Aubergine Burgers with Basil Sauce

A veggie and banting friendly Caprese-styled burger.

Recipe for Caprese Aubergine Burgers

Something a little different

Get your hands on lamb or pork mince – these recipes are a win.

hamburger recipe lamb & Mushroom Slider
hamburger recipe asian beef short rib

Funky Lamb & Mushroom Slider

The combo is a funky, earthy mix of flavours that cuts through the richness of the meat.

Recipe for Funky Lamb & Mushroom Slider

Crunchy Asian Beef Short Rib Burger

This is one monster hunka-hunka rib burger complete with crispy chips that send it into another realm of tasty.

Recipe for Crunchy Asian Beef Short Rib Burger

hamburger recipe greek lamb burger
hamburger recipe big fat greek burger

Greek Lamb Burger with Grilled Aubergine Hummus & Tzatziki

All the Mediterranean flavours associated with Greece neatly stacked into a burger for your convenience.

Recipe for Greek Lamb Burger

Big Fat Greek Burgers

Pita’s are the perfect pocket to keep all the lamb juices from dripping down your arm.

Recipe for Big Fat Greek Burgers

hamburger recipe pork burgers
hamburger recipe honey & Mustard Gammon Burger

Pork Burgers with Sage & Maple Sauce

Pork and sage is a classic combo. This juicy burger has a sweet topping and is a great alternative to your regular go-to beef patty.

Recipe for Pork Burgers

Honey & Mustard Basted Gammon with Grilled Pineapple & Coleslaw

Great as a boxing day leftover meal.

Recipe for Honey & Mustard Basted Gammon

Something Fishy

These are great summer alternatives when you’re looking for a lighter burger, great sans bun too.

hamburger recipe prawn recipe
hamburger recipe spicy fish burgers

Prawn Burger With Chive Aioli and Sweet Potato Ribbons

A fresh and zesty take on a burger

Recipe for Prawn Burger With Chive Aioli & Sweet Potato Ribbons

Spicy Fish Burger with Kimchi

An Asian inspired burger that will leave guests impressed. Serve with a fresh mung bean salad and kimchi on a steamed bun.

Spicy Fish Burgers With Kimchi

E’rrry burger needs some fries! Make these homemade fries – crispy, golden perfection!

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