How To Make Perfect French Fries

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Who doesn’t love a good, crispy French fry? Follow these tips to perfect the art.


The trick with good rustly French fries is twice frying! Choose large potatoes, peel and cut to your favourite size. Cover with water to prevent going brown.


Heat the oil in your fryer to 160C. Dry chips well on a kitchen towel. Fry in batches until cooked, but not brown. Remove, drain and keep for later – even overnight in the fridge is fine.



Called French because of twice frying. You now need to bring the heat up to 180C. Use a food thermometer, or a chip placed in the oil will sizzle vigourously immediately.



When the oil is ready, cook in small batches until your desired golden colour and crispness. Drain on kitchen paper and sprinkle with sea salt.

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