Mulberry & Prince Launches in Cape Town

Words: Jess Spiro

On a mild autumn evening in Cape Town; food writers, bloggers and the media welcomed Pepper Street’s newest family member – Mulberry & Prince. The eatery, born from the creative minds of Cape Town-born Cornel Mostert and Cynthia Rivera, who hails from Brooklyn, has been inspired by the New York food scene and beyond. The two met while working at the famed Culinary Institute of America and have worked in the world’s top kitchens, and are now bringing their exciting food to Cape Town.
The interior looks like something out of a decor magazine, with soft pinks, greys and metallics, complete with a bare brick wall. The tables and chairs are a an artful mix and match; there are coppers mixed with marbles and leathers mixed in with velvets. It’s all very beautiful. But the food is what we’re all really here for, and at Mulberry & Prince it delivers. The menu is modern and contemporary with produce driven dishes shining through. Last night we tasted the lardo on toast with quince jam, oysters with a cucumber and yuzu dressing, and the bacalhau fritter – they were all tasty. The lardo toast was a delicious balance sweet and savoury with just the right amount of stickiness from the jam. The oyster, which admittedly didn’t need much due to its freshness, was wonderful accentuated by the cool citrus dressing – the acidity cutting the creaminess perfectly. The bacalao fritter was the highlight of the night, the wonderful salty fishiness encased in a perfect crumb made for a moreish canape. The vibe of the evening showed no indication that this is a fledgling restaurant. The staff were cool and ever-helpful, and the crowd felt like everyone was already a regular.
While only tasting a small snippet of Mulberry & Prince’s menu offering, it’s safe to say that these two chefs know what they’re doing. They’re open for dinner from 17h00 on Tuesdays to Saturdays. They take reservations too, should you have a special event in mind. Mulberry & Prince is a welcome addition to the Cape Town food scene and we can’t wait to see what inspired food they bring out next. | Facebook 

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