The 10 Very Best Brunch Recipes To Liven Up Your Weekend

Words: Katrina Rose Wind

Who doesn’t love brunch? No really, I’m seriously asking, I would love to meet the person who doesn’t love brunch because I have yet to meet a single person who doesn’t. It truly is the perfect combination of breakfast and lunch. The best part? It is perfectly acceptable to drink at brunch, think mimosas, bloody Mary’s, a coffee in between that glass of bubbly, you got it!

Can Never Go Wrong With Eggs At Brunch


Classic Eggs Benedict

This really is a brunch staple if there ever was one. Perfectly poached eggs topped with hollandaise sauce – heaven!

Recipe For Egg Benedict 

Breakfast Mushrooms With Mince Hash And Poached Eggs

When you’re trying to watch your processed carb intake, these tender mushroom steaks will leave you wondering why you ever used bread anyway. Topped with a sweet potato and mince hash, avo salsa and a poached egg, I mean how delish!

Recipe For Breakfast Mushrooms 

Sweet And Savoury: The Perfect Combination


Vegan French Toast With Maple Glazed Spicy Sausages

Who knew you could make vegan french toast!  The little bit of sweetness from the bananas in the French toast goes so well with the sweet and spicy combo flavours of the rest of the dish making it perfect for that time between breakfast and lunch.

Recipe For Vegan French Toast

Butternut Cakes With Crispy Bacon

The ultimate sweet and savoury combination, crispy bacon topped over deliciously baked butternut cakes with a generous dollop of yoghurt and mushrooms, and a sprinkling of paprika. Can it be Saturday already?

Recipe For Butternut Cakes 

Brunch Cakes


Beetroot Pancakes

Not only is beetroot good for you but it also gives the pancakes this wonderfully delicious colour. Imagine serving this at your next brunch, your friends and family will be incredibly impressed. Serve these bad boys with ricotta, maple syrup, some blueberries and you’re good to go!

Recipe For Beetroot Pancakes 

Pea And Potato Cakes With Gypsy Ham And Poached Eggs

A quick and simple brunch dish! It’s got all the important brunch staples, eggs, ham (can be replaced with any meat substitute), and potato cakes. You’ll be impressed with how inexpensive it is to make!

Recipe For Pea And Potato Cakes

For That Sweet Tooth


Apple Cinnamon And Pecan Nut Puff Pastry Rolls

Brunch is during that sweet spot of the day where you can eat anything you like and no one will judge you. We get it, sometimes you’re craving something sweet these puff pastry rolls will leave you incredibly satisfied.

Recipe For Puff Pastry Rolls 

Ricotta Pancakes With Strawberry And Lemon Curd

Yummy pancakes, with delicious strawberry and lemon curd filling. Imagine eating these with a mimosa, heaven surely.

Recipe For Ricotta Pancakes 

Something A Little Different

Breakfast Quesadillas With Sweet Chilli Salsa Guacamole

A quick and easy Mexican-inspired brunch dish that will leave you asking why you don’t have quesadillas more often.

Recipe For Breakfast Quesadillas

The Ultimate Egg Mayo & Bacon Bagel

Bagels are so great, you could literally put almost anything in them and they will still taste amazing. Cook up some eggs, mix in some mayo of your choice, toss some crispy bacon throw them in a bagel for a delicious brunch. Up the ante and use an everything bagel instead of  a plain ol’ boring one.

Recipe For Egg Mayo & Bacon Bagel

You Always Need A Good Drink

If you’re looking for some yummy drinks to serve at brunch check out these two drink recipes for inspiration.

Juicy Tropical Green Smoothie

Perfect for your hangover, filled with all the yummy antioxidants your body needs.

Recipe For Green Smoothie

Hipster Bloody Mary

That perfect drink to ease you into a boozy afternoon, how fun!

Recipe For Bloody Mary 

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