Spur Steak Ranches Introduce Plant-Based and Vegan-Friendly Menu Across Restaurants

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Patrons of Spur Steak Ranches restaurants can now enjoy vegetarian and vegan-friendly food at their favourite local eatery, following the introduction of a new plant-based and Spur vegan-friendly menu at the restaurants across Spur in South Africa.

Vegan Options on Official Plant-Based Menu

The official vegetarian and plant-based menu offers the option of vegan cheese and includes the following meals: Veggie Schnitzel, Crumbed Veggie Burger, Bean Burger and Soya Burger, all served with Spur-style crispy onion rings and chips or baked potato or sweet potato fries.  The restaurant will also be adding the innovative, plant-based protein burger, Beyond Burger, to the Spur vegan-friendly menu from 22 November 2019. Beyond Burger will be supplied by Infinite Foods – distributors and manufacturers of the best-in-class plant-based food brands.

spur vegan-friendly menu crumbed-veggie Burger

Something for Everyone with Spur Vegan-Friendly Menu

“No one family is the same. We have included options in our menu that makes it possible for a group of diverse people to get together and enjoy a variety of meal options. It is therefore important that the addition of the plant-based options is well-thought-out and has mouth-watering items to excite everyone,” adds Robertson.

“As a family restaurant, the most important value for us to embody is inclusivity, which in our opinion is synonymous with the meaning of family,” says Kevin Robertson, Chief Operating Officer, Spur Steak Ranches.

The Nachos Mexicana (nachos smothered in zippy salsa, sticky cheese, chunky cottage cheese and guacamole) and the large cheesy quesadillas will stay as starter options for everyone, including vegetarians, who also have the option of a Greek Salad and or fresh hot vegetables from the Spur vegan-friendly menu

spur vegan-friendly menu Beyond Burger
spur vegan-friendly menu Chicken-style Salad

A Journey of Transformation

Robertson explains that the timing of the plant-based and Spur vegan-friendly menu coincides perfectly with the introduction of new crockery in line with modern trends in the Spur Steak Ranches restaurants to complement the brand’s new look and feel.

“Spur Steak Ranches is on a journey of transformation as a brand and business. The introduction of the plant-based menu is one of the progressive steps we are taking towards a more sustainable brand and business, while giving our customers greater choice, “explains Robertson.

“A major part of our success as a business is rooted in our steak house heritage but inclusivity is still important to us, so while our based meals are prepared in a kitchen that handles animal products, we urge our customers to walk the journey with us as we evolve as a brand. We value the feedback of each and every single patron; and we’d like to continue to bring them together over great food as they create unforgettable memories.”

Have a look at the new plant-based & Spur vegan-friendly menu.

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