Apple Brandy


Paul Cluver is not exactly synonymous with spirits, but are well known for Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and an array of other wines from the cool Elgin Valley. Elgin is also very well known for its delicious apples. In fact, most of the vineyards in Elgin used to be apple orchards, but when the apple industry experienced a downturn, grapes seemed to be the answer to the crisis and there has certainly not been any looking back. Paul Cluver decided to combine the traditions of spirit distilling with their experience as winemakers.

A combination of Braeburn, Sundowner, Pink Lady and Granny Smith apples are used and double distilled in a cognac style copper pot on the Paul Cluver Estate. After 5 years ageing in French Oak barrels, the spirit apéritif is soft on the palate and distinctively fragrant on the nose. The Apple Brandy can be enjoyed as a digestive, refreshing on ice or as a base for exotic cocktails. A splash of brandy will enhance an apple dessert. Also look out for the Pear Schnapps from this farm.

A combination of apples are used & double distilled in a cognac-style copper pot on the Paul Cluver Estate to make Paul Cluver Apple Brandy