Botanique Liqueur


Inverroche is an independent distillery which lies on the Southern shores of Africa near the coastal town of Stilbaai and has become known in South Africa for their exceptionally flavourful gins, and later, they added a 7 year aged Pot Still Rum to the collection too. Their latest, truly unique South African product is even more exciting. Not only is this due to the Scott family mastering the art of distilling small batches of exceptional quality, but also to our own Cape Floral Kingdom. Spirits are crafted with care and distilled by Meg, the custom made, wood fired, copper pot still. The grapes and the fynbos are cultivated by the family, but not enough to sustain the demand their products have created – they also source product from nearby areas such as the Klein Karoo and Langeberg.

They wanted to intensely capture the essence of the fynbos in this liqueur. A base brandy was made using their own grapes and then infused with a rich blend of coastal and mountain fynbos. Local fruits were added before leaving the preparation to age for three years in Cognac casks. At the very end, the spirit is sweetened with agave nectar produced in the Karoo. The result is intensely flavoured and complex, yet traditional and uncomplicated. This is not the kind of liqueur you pour over ice or dilute with anything else for that matter. A small glass should be enjoyed with strong flavoured cheeses and fresh figs at the end of a delicious meal.

Inverroche Botanique Liqueur