Lazy Summer Days at the First Beach in Elgin

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Old Mac Daddy has long been renowned for its fabulously fun getaways, whether it be their hotel The Grand Daddy in Long Street with its rooftop trailer park, or the farm experience in Elgin, one thing is always a given  – they always remain ahead of the curve! Owner, Jody, is famous for doing everything he is told can’t be done, and in keeping with that theme, he’s built a beach… in Elgin… over the hills and far away from the ocean yes, but a beach nonetheless.


The first in a series of Mac Daddy beaches was built recently, and being that Elgin is land locked, this was no mean feat. The beach features all the things you would expect – a beach bar, beach toys and of course loungers and umbrellas. A snapshot of this little idyll posted to Instagram could easily be mistaken for the gentle waters of the ocean lapping against the shore at any local coastal beach.

It was a chilly winter’s day when we visited so we opted to forgo cocktails and instead sipped on mulled cider provided by Eversons, a local Elgin producer of delicious ciders. The mulled, warm cider was a surprisingly delightful way to warm up, and sipping it while getting toasy around the bonfire was a treat.

Old-Mac- Daddy and Eversons Cider

If you haven’t yet visited Old Mac Daddy, what are you waiting for? A totally different world and side to the Elgin valley awaits. Beautiful, vintage airstream trailers sit perched up on the mountainside shaded by pines and overlooking the valley below. Each one is uniquely decorated inside and you could end up spending the night sleeping in a wrestling ring, living in a world of black and white, counting sheep or learning about the life of bees. Whichever trailer you’re in, it will be unique and fun, of that there is no doubt.

Life Before Colour was the trailer we stayed in; its wallpapered black and white interior, ball and claw bath, velvet couches and glittering mirrored cupboards give it a luxurious feel.


Besides the beach at Old Mac Daddy, there are loads of exciting activities to keep you busy, no matter what your age or inclination. You can hop on a tractor ride and take a trip to the neighbouring MCC estate, Charles Fox, and enjoy a cellar tour and tasting. You can enjoy mountain biking, a spot of fishing, swimming, sunbathing and lots of other more adventurous activities like Aqua Zorbing (giant ‘hamster’ balls that roll across the water top) with Daddy’s Adventures. If you work up a hunger stop in at the onsite restaurant Brinny Breezes for fabulous fare including utterly scrumptious wood-fired pizzas.

However you choose to spend your time at Old Mac Daddy, the idea is to relax, to unwind and most of all to slow down – a feat most city slickers struggle to grapple. One thing that makes it infinitely easier is a lack of consistent cell reception, and while this might sound frustrating, it is in fact the first step to achieving the quiet, country bliss that makes staying at Old Mac Daddy so restorative.

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