Giddy Over the Opening of Gardens Collectors Club

Words: Tam Selley

Comfortably nestled in the heart of Kloof Street, Gardens Collectors Club is bringing a breath of fresh air to the centre of Cape Town’s social scene. Presenting a creative, happy, carefree space, GCC curates craft drinks and experiences for those wanting the best of both worlds. Drinkery meets local – something fresh meets the familiar.

Gardens Collectors Club

The Gardens Collectors Club

What You Can Sip On

With one of the most discerning craft beer selections in town, curated by Devil’s Peak, and wine list in partnership with Ex Animo Wine Co, GCC promises an experience built on innovation and authenticity. Guests can also expect a wide variety of carefully executed cocktail classics – bottled, barrelled and served on tap.

What You Can Snack On

Casual dining fare includes an enticing variety of delectable bar snacks, with easy-eating nibbles such as bacon and blue cheese croquettes, crispy calamari and (proper) beer nuts. Those looking for a more substantial accompaniment can choose from a variety of classic and speciality pizzas, burgers, sandwiches and clubs – all prepared with fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. And what would a social evening be without unique cheese and charcuterie boards to share? Unconscionable. That’s what.

Lucky for you, The Gardens Collectors Club has arranged a spread of dishes that appeal to any taste or mood.

“We’ve created a menu that can evolve with guests – when after work drinks turn into a mid-week social with friends, we want that to feel like a natural shift. There’s complimentary popcorn if you’re popping in for a quick G&T, or a perfectly grilled steak with chips if you’re out for the evening. Prawn cocktails, shrimp po’ boys – we’ve got what you need,” says marketing manager Kelly Wykerd.

Garden Collectors Club will be welcoming new friends and old souls from 11am – 12am, Monday to Saturday, for lunch, dinner, drinks and all manner of social happenings. Sundays, unfortunately, are strictly for adventures.

The complexity of craft presented simply. Gardens Collectors Club.

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