The New Janse & Co Spring Menu Set To Excite

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The new Janse & Co spring menu is set to celebrate the season. The space offers a relaxed fine-dining respite from busy Kloof Street with a new menu that explores the fresh ingredients that spring has to offer with a marriage of flavours across each course. Following their opening in December 2017, Janse & Co has seen successful summer and winter seasons, and look forward to their first exciting spring season menu.

Janse & Co

The New Janse & Co Spring Menu

Janse & Co is Chef Arno Janse van Rensburg’s concept restaurant following his stint at Maison in Franschhoek for 6 years. The move to the city, according to him, could not have been better. “Cape Town has an amazing energy that is different to many cities in the word. We are very privileged to work and live in Cape Town”.  Janse & Co offers a tasting menu where guests can choose their menus from three to seven or more courses.

“At Janse & Co we are very much ingredient driven. Spring gives us the opportunity to work with new ingredients and that is what excites us and what drives us as a team. The dishes are lighter but full of flavour.”

janse & co spring menu
janse & co spring menu

Supplied Sustainably

Janse & Co use a handful of trusted suppliers for their fresh ingredients to ensure that everything is 100% free range and organic from their vegetables to their meat.

“One of our new dishes on the menu is mullet, lettuce, passionfruit. We have inspiring suppliers that we enjoy working with. We get a variety of lettuce from Meuse farm in Houtbay. The mullet is from Abalobi, we debone the whole fish and lightly pickle the mullet flesh. We roast the bones in the oven with butter and use that butter to make our passion fruit sauce. Flowers we pick form our hydroponic system in the courtyard.”

The menu at Janse & Co changes on a weekly basis. They work with their suppliers and farmers according to what is in season and available every week.

janse & co spring menu
janse & co spring menu

The Janse & Co spring menu focusses heavily on vegetables as their staple ingredients. Their fish, pork and lamb dishes are thoughtful and delicious. Their pork is supplied by Glen Oakes in Elgin to make their own charcuterie and popular suckling pig dishes. With their Spring menu, the 10-hour sous vide suckling pig is served with a fresh lime leaf, lime and coconut flesh sauce with gherkins and cucumber prepared in different ways.

Perfection is Key

Chef Arno is known for his “less than usual” flavour combinations. On working on new dishes he says “it takes time to perfect a dish; sometimes it takes a day when everything goes right or it can take weeks. Ideas are only ideas until we make them a reality in creating them”.

Janse & Co has various dining areas to enhance the guests dining experience. From a spacious courtyard where guests can have a Summers dining experience, to the main dining area in front of the open kitchen all the way to the front dining area closer to Kloof street to experience the city vibe in town. Facebook

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