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November is Vegan Month and the producers of the TrulyGood range and Mindffull Mushroom Crumbles, are sharing some of the secrets behind their vegan and meat alternative products to help inspire yummy plant-based meals.

TrulyGood Vegan FoodsTrulyGood uses fresh produce and nutritious mushrooms to bring you the greatest-tasting and healthiest vegan alternatives. Not only are their products delicious and healthy, they are also soy and gluten-free. Most vegan alternative products contain soy and gluten, which many people are allergic or intolerant to. The Mindffull Food Co. place their customers first, by creating products with care and eliminating these sensitive ingredients.

The Benefits of Plant-based Eating

Gluten intolerance is on the rise and having a gluten-free diet helps you manage both coeliac disease and non-coeliac gluten sensitivity. This can often be difficult, for some, as gluten is a key ingredient in many meat alternatives and most pasta products. Maintaining a healthy gut and gut microbiome are important factors in improving one’s general health.

The TrulyGood range and Mindffull meat alternatives are all good sources of plant fibre. Plus, all of their products are cholesterol-free, with highly bioavailable nutrients from vegetables.

Moreover, the company understands and champions the health benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, which can include lowered blood pressure, better heart and gut health, weight loss, improved cholesterol and the possible reduction of the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

Good Texture, Great Food

The folks behind TrulyGood know that great texture improves the taste of food. TrulyGood uses healthy hydrocolloids (water-soluble fibres) to create tasty textures that you won’t believe possible in plant-based foods!

Give their Mindffull Mushroom Crumbles a try, it’s one of the greatest mince replacements you will find!

Mindffull Practices

TrulyGood takes their people and planet seriously, after all, there is no Planet B. Wherever they can, they use the ‘ugly’ produce that may otherwise be neglected but are actually perfectly good – this is an important practice in the fight against food waste. This greatly increases their sustainability and decreases their carbon footprint.

If you are in the great habit of comparing labels, their products will pleasantly surprise you. They try to use as few ingredients as possible, eliminating the nasty and unnecessary ingredients.

The TrulyGood & Mindffull Range

Not only are their products healthy, tasty and sustainable, they are also incredibly convenient to prepare and actually require less time and effort to make than their less healthy counterparts.

Mindffull Mushroom Crumbles are available in four delicious flavours (Plain, Incredible Indian, Mad Mexican and Magic Mediterranean).

Their TrulyGood range includes Lasagne sheets (Cauli/turnip and Mushroom), Pumpkin Noodles, Cauli/Turnip Noodles, Cauli/Turnip Tagliatelle and Cauli/Turnip Rice. This allows for a variety of flavour combinations, meaning that you are less likely to suffer from ‘food fatigue’ as a result of eating the same two or three meals over and over again.

Make your Vegan Month more wholesome and try these TrulyGood vegan recipes.

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