Easy, Cheesy Pizza Recipes

Words: Katrina Rose Wind

Everyone loves pizza. We all have our favourite takeaway pizza place that’s our go-to. Why not impress your friends and family with your pizza-making skills; choose any one of these delicious cheesy recipes.

Guilty Pleasure

cheesy bianco pizza
cheesy mozzarella pizza

Pizza Bianco

Sometimes you aren’t in the mood for tomato sauce. We get it, it makes sense. Why not try this delicious recipe that requires no tomato base. Just two different types of cheese, some garlic, and a dash of parsley. So simple, so delicious!

Recipe for Pizza Bianco

No-Knead Pizza with mozzarella, prosciutto and wild rocket

The best part of not kneading your pizza dough is that you don’t have to wait for the dough to rise and it’s astonishing easier to make! This recipe will change your pizza life, trust us, try it!

Recipe for No-Knead Mozzarella Pizza

potato pizza
pizza bread

Potato, Parsley, Chorizo And Red Onion Pizza

Can you say, carbs on carbs? Putting potatoes on pizza is a must after you try this recipe, it’s not only different but it raises your pizza game. The other toppings are delicious too but the highlight is the potatoes.

Recipe Potato Pizza

Crispy Pizza Breads With Confit Garlic And Goat Cheese

Ok, so this is more of a pizza bread, rather than an actual pizza but it’s still so good and perfect for entertaining. Confit Garlic? Get outta here!

Recipe for Pizza Bread

Healthyish But Still Cheesy

cheesy caulipizza
cheesy aubergine pizzza

Caulipizza With Mushrooms And Gypsy Ham

If you are one the bajillions of people who are banting then you will flip when you read this recipe. This is a low-carb, high-fat pizza that uses cauliflower to make the base. Absolutely sensational.

Recipe for Caulipizza

Mini Aubergine Pizzas

Where to even start. Aubergines are so delicious when they are cooked right and are so versatile, especially when you’re watching your carb intake. A great pizza base, they are firm but still tender when cooked.

Recipe for Mini Aubergine Pizza


cheesy whole wheat pizza
cheesy gluten free pizza

Easy Whole Wheat Prosciutto And Cheese Pizza

This pizza recipe is so so easy to make. Wraps masquerading as pizzas? These wholewheat prosciutto and cheese pizzas are quick to make and incredibly scrumptious.

Recipe for Whole Wheat Pizza Here

Gluten-Free Pizza

Whether you’re gluten intolerant, have IBS, are banting (not super strict) or are just watching how much gluten you’re consuming, this recipe is for you! A guilt-free way to enjoy your favourite cheat!

Recipe for Gluten-Free Pizza

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