Spend Summer Eating Sustainable Sushi at The Vineyard Hotel

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Attention all sushi lovers! If you’ve ever wondered whether the fish you’re eating is ethically sourced, then stress no more because The Vineyard has got you covered with their sustainable sushi.

The Vineyard’s summer-only poolside restaurant SPLASH is open for summer! A great place to chill, chat, eat, and admire the wonderful mountain and garden views. Their menu is filled with wholesome holiday fare – along with brunch (09:00 to 12:00), poke bowls, wraps, burgers (veg and vegan included), build-your-own salads and yummy puds.

Splash’s new menu has another standout feature: sustainable sushi! From maki rolls, nigiri and sashimi to fashion sandwiches, California rolls and hand rolls, they are all made with ethically sourced and produced ingredients.

sustainable sushi

Get To Know The Fish You’re Eating

For years now, The Vineyard has served only sustainable fish and, for the last year, they’ve also supported Abalobi, a local NPO that promotes ‘traceable, storied seafood provided by empowered small-scale fishers, in a manner that is not only ecologically responsible, but also socially fair’.

The sustainable sushi features local pole-caught tuna, sea trout farmed in natural bays along the West Coast, Abalobi fish from self-sustaining fishing communities using traditional, low-environmental-impact methods to fish, and abalone/perlemoen that is locally farmed and purchased under license.

All Products are Ethically and Locally Sourced

Avocados are bought locally and will not be offered if they are completely out of season.  Even the sides are locally sourced: ginger is bought from a farmer in the area, then freshly pickled and prepared on site, wasabi is mimicked by mixing local horseradish with turnip.

The less salty, white soy sauce is offered on the tables and Tamari gluten-free soy is also available. Sweet chilli sauce is prepared by the Splash team from local hot peppers and the mayo is also house made. Yuzu and jalapeno dressing are available upon request for your sustainable sushi.

sustainable sushi

The Vineyard is renowned for responsible, ethical hospitality and has a number of award-winning initiatives in place that lower energy and water consumption, along with waste. The team is always looking for new ways to reduce their footprint and the effect the business has on the environment.

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