What to Cook this Long Weekend

Words: Jess Spiro

With Human Rights day on a Monday, this weekend is a long one. And seeing as we’re saying goodbye to the last dregs of warm weather, why not celebrate the day in the most South African way possible – with a braai. Now we know that no one really needs a recipe to braai, but instead of simply throwing something on the coals, try out this simple and impressive menu. Everything is easy to prepare, and is big on flavour. 

The Main Event

Let’s be honest here, we all love something that been’s chucked on the fire. Even non-meat eaters are partial to a braaied mielie or a potato cooked amongst the coals. Assuming you aren’t hosting any vegetarians, serve these easy to put together pork belly skewers drizzled with a sticky plum sauce and let your guests get stuck in. Partner that with these peri-peri chicken lollipops, for a finger-licking main course.

Salads and Sides

Unfortunately for some, it can’t all be meat. Add this refreshing pepper and pomegranate salad, along with this hearty balsamic roasted beetroot salad topped with Mozzarella. Both are the perfect to stand up to the bold flavours of the meat. No braai is complete without a potato salad, but try this Lebanese style one, for something a little different. To ensure your guests are fully satiated, serve these bacon-wrapped sweet potato wedges – the ideal way to finish off.

Sweet Endings

No meal, no matter how casual, can end without dessert. This must surely be a rule somewhere. In any case, what could be a better dessert than one that cooks on the braai – like this pecan and pear sticky caramel pudding? Fear not, it can also be done in the oven too. If that seems too complicated, make this simple vodka chilli butterscotch sauce in advance, pick up a good tub of ice cream and just like that, you have a delicious dessert!

For more braai recipe inspiration click HERE.

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