Café Royale launches new cocktail and tapas menu

Words: Crush

Café Royale, located at the pristine 5-star Cape Royale Luxury Hotel, launches an all new artisanal cocktail and delectable tapas menu. The sophisticated French-style café has extended its operating hours and is now open for dinner and drinks.

Incorporating a different twist on the average cocktail, Café Royale now serves cocktails that are visually appealing and designed to create an experience for guests. The interior of the café has also undergone a soft refurbishment, incorporating more of an evening feel, with colour changing light centrepieces and the bar is lit up from top to bottom in the evenings. The new red velvet curtains align with the Parisian-style theme of the café.

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New artisanal cocktail additions include The ‘La Dame Royale’ which comes in a little black box. As you open it the glistening pink light lights up the watermelon-infused cocktail in a stemless martini glass. Each cocktail is presented in a completely different and unique way. The ‘build your own gin’ is also a unique twist on the average ‘gin on the rocks’. Guests can go as far as choosing their favourite brand of gin together with tonic flavour and garnish.

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The tapas menu incorporates some firm favourites like chilli poppers and vegetable spring rolls, but delicious items such as Jack Daniels chicken wings, grilled calamari with lemon aioli and Italian meatballs in marinara sauce are also found on the menu.

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The new evening hours are from 15h00 to 23h00 and Café Royale is the place to stop at before heading to a night out on the town. As of Friday, 19 August, Café Royale will be running a 2 for 3 tapas special. This “Beat the Traffic tapas promotion” is valid on Fridays only from 16h00-18h00 and will run through until the end of October. | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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