5 Artisanal Bread Recipes To Master

Words: Julie Velosa | Photography: Matthew Ibbotson

Is there anything better than the smell of freshly baked bread coming out of the oven? You’d be hard-pressed to find one. That signature toasty aroma is enough to make even the most hardened carb-curser quake at the knees.

Baking bread is an art form that requires a little practice and patience but this shouldn’t put you off baking your own. It takes a bit of planning and effort but the results are totally worth it.

That first bite of a warm, crusty slice (that you’ve lovingly kneaded and shaped) slathered in melty butter, will be enough to make you rue the day you ever gave up carbs.

Bread Recipes

Togareti Mabharani is a Zimbabwean-born artisanal baker and heads up bread baking at the Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel. He shares five of his top artisanal bread recipes with us and trust us, once you’ve made your own, you’ll never look at a commercial loaf in the same way ever again. This is real bread and it’s amazing.  

5 Artisanal Bread Recipes to Bake

Basic Ciabatta

artisanal bread recipes

A ciabatta is an Italian white loaf and it believed that it was created due to the popularity of the French baguette. It is characterised by three things, it’s crusty outer shell, its flavour, which comes from using a starter and probably most recognisable, it’s holey interior, a mark of good air pockets from folding. The name is derived from the Italian word for slipper because its shape reminded its creator of his wife’s shoe.

Bread RecipesBread Recipes

Get the recipe for Basic Ciabatta Loaf

Basic French Baguette

artisanal bread recipes

The French baguette is probably one of the most recognisable breads out there. It’s a favourite for picnic baskets and can be found in a long and short version. A slice of baguette is perfect with your favourite cheese, a great relish and a glass of your favourite wine.

artisanal bread recipes

Get the recipe for French Baguettes

Kitka or Challah Bread

artisanal bread recipes

This beautifully knotted bread will definitely take a little concentration to make. It comes in a few different forms – it can be round or long and made up of varying amounts of plaited pieces. This traditional Jewish bread is enriched with egg, sugar and butter, which gives it a lovely golden colour. Making the dough takes work but the real challenge will be when it comes to plaiting. For help, see this video that explains how to get it right.

artisanal bread recipes

Get the recipe for Kitka Bread

Roast Potato Bread

artisanal bread recipes

This bread is really versatile and if rosemary is not your thing, change it up for a herb or flavour that you prefer. The potato gives the bread a great texture and adds a yummy roasted flavour. Shape the dough into a round, a loaf or individual dinner rolls.

Get the recipe for this Roast Potato Bread

Cape Seed Loaf

artisanal bread recipes

This loaf is a classic and is perfect for a weekend morning. It doesn’t need kneading and can be made with minimal effort. Use your favourite combination of seeds and even a little fruit such as raisins. Top with your favourite jam and serve with a good coffee. Sounds like the perfect way to start the day.

artisanal bread recipes

Get this Classic Cape Seed Load Recipe

Pain d’Epi

artisanal bread recipes

This is another French classic – a Pain d’Epi is a bread shaped and cut to look like a sheaf of wheat. The cutting gives the bread great surface area making it super crusty and yum! Break off a piece and enjoy with farm butter or your favourite cheese.

Bread Recipes

Get the recipe for this Pain d’Epi.

Inspired by these artisanal bread recipes? Check out a few more of our favourite bread recipes.

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