Radisson Blu Hotel V&A Announces No Plastic Straw Initiative

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The Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront has announced a no plastic straw initiative, which aims to cease plastic straw usage by the hotel and to only use straws that are biodegradable.

The no plastic straw initiative: #refusethestraw

no plastic straw initiative

The Radisson Blu Hotel at the Waterfront has announced that it is moving towards a no plastic straw policy in an effort to minimise the detrimental impact that non-recyclable material has on our environment.  The action that they have taken will hopefully inspire other hotels and organisations to follow suit. (You too can join in on the no plastic straw initiative by opting not to take one wherever you dine/drink and can opt for a more environmentally-friendly option such as a bamboo or glass reusable straw).

This initiative is in line with Radisson Blu’s environmental and sustainability strategy, which saw them undertaking groundbreaking initiatives to reduce water consumption and, amongst other accolades, becoming the first hotel in Cape Town to use seawater in their swimming pool.

To focus consumer attention on the issue of plastic straws and their effects on the environment, the hotel plans to use only paper straws from April 2018 onwards.

Other measures to raise consumer awareness will include displays and signage in public areas, with the tagline #refusethestraw.

Commenting on the initiative, Angus Spurr, Food and Drinks Manager for the hotel said,

“This is an important initiative for the hotel. Straws rank in the top 5 of plastic junk found in the oceans. 90% of waste in the ocean is plastic.”He adds that “We have removed non-biodegradable straws from areas such as Tobago’s Restaurant and Terrace, room service and banqueting and will have paper straws available on request. It’s our aim to conduct business more responsibly, especially environmentally, and we’ll continue to take initiatives such as this.”

Considering the Radisson Blu Hotel at the Waterfront’s amazing proximity to the ocean, this is a great move and one we fully get behind. 

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