Laid Back and Cool at the Radisson Red Cape Town

Words: Julie Velosa

Whether you travel a little or a lot, you’ll find that most hotels have a standard way of doing things, so when you come across ones that do things a little differently, they stand out. The Radisson RED Cape Town is all about doing things differently and the concept brings travel to a fun and relaxed space that we love.


The idea of the Radisson RED brand is to appeal to a hip and connected market of young travellers. Surprisingly, the fellow guests around us during our stay were a real mix – showing that this way of travelling appeals to a far broader market than perhaps thought.

You won’t find a traditional reception counter with staff in shoulder-padded jackets and cravats here, this is far more laid back. The reception area is a table with laptops and jean-clad, sneaker-wearing team members will welcome you in.

Radisson Red Cape Town

The hotel has been designed with its contemporary market in mind. Cool cement flooring, bright pops of red and yellow and industrial finishings that give it edge. The result is functional and off-beat and the space feels welcoming and energetic.


Another unique aspect of the hotel brand is that it is pet-friendly (with restrictions… to be fair it’s not a pet hotel). As a young couple with no kids but a fur baby, this really appealed to us. The hotel’s mascot is Baxter the Boston Terrier, so you may seem him around during your stay. The hotel is kitted out to accommodate dogs up to the size of around 8 kg and when you check in with your pooch, he/she will be sent up a doggy bed, as well as a bowl of kibble and biscuit treats. (Read Baxter’s Pet Policy)

Radisson-RED Cape Town

Our fur-kid, Gandalf (also a Boston Terrier and apparently a dead ringer for Baxter), accompanied us on our stay and besides his rampant snoring, was as good as gold. He loved the balcony of our room, which overlooked the comings and goings of the Silo district and was happy to chill there and take it all in.

The first floor is a dedicated pet-friendly floor and so there is nothing to be concerned about if you aren’t travelling with a pet or have any reservations about this.


The rooms are simply decorated with notable pieces by Vogel that bring a bright, local feel. The decor is simple and functional and in keeping with the funky red theme. We loved the coffee box, complete with takeaway cups, in case you want to grab a java on the go before you head out to explore.

Radisson Red Cape TownRadisson Red Cape Town

Suites also boast HD TVs, a soundbar and BYOD fridge, so you can pop whatever you want in there. We love the fact that they’ve also included ‘love yourself lighting’ so your selfies will look good, no matter what the angle (and, bonus, you’ll be able to Instagram them in no time once connected to the super fast WiFi).


The hotel is located right in the heart of the Silo district and is flanked by restaurants, retail spaces and a premier Virgin Active gym (although the hotel has its own gym onsite too).

For visitors to Cape Town you’d be hard-pressed to find a better spot to explore the city from, considering that the V&A Waterfront, the CBD and beaches are just a few steps away.

During your stay at the hotel, we really recommend making a point of getting out of bed early at least one morning and exploring the Waterfront before it comes to life. This is when you get to see it at it’s best, as a working harbour before the chaos of retail takes hold. There is a marked running track around the harbour and this is a great way to start the day and to exercise your pooch if travelling with one.


The hotel has OUIBar + KTCHN that serves breakfast and lunch, and again, the hotel’s relaxed and laid back vibe is evident here. A number of the food items are already pre-made and packaged in to-go boxes/tubs, which will appeal to those who are on the move and want to get out and about.

Radisson Red Cape TownRadisson Red Cape Town

Coffees are offered self-service from the coffee station, again with takeaway cups for if you’re heading out. We loved this sense of control this gave us.


You simply can’t visit the Radisson RED Cape Town without checking out the rooftop area. The pool is located here and the views are, in a word, spectacular.

There is also a drinks van, yes there’s a van on the roof, that serves cocktails, wine, smoothies and craft beer.

Be sure you check out Baxter’s Bitchn Blonde Ale – this is the hotel’s own craft brew and gets a double thumbs up from us.

There is also food available on the rooftop, so you can pull up a seat, get an ice cold brew and nosh down on some yummy grub while you take in the view.Radisson Red Cape Town

Everything about the Radisson RED Cape Town speaks to its cool concept. From the G ‘n T you’ll be offered on arrival, to the artistic prints on the walls and the choice of music. While there’s never a feeling of being hurried, the space is geared to minimise time spent on admin and maximise your time enjoying yourself. And when you’re on holiday, really, what’s more appealing than that?

Radisson RED Hotel, Silo 6, Silo Square, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town  | | 087 086 1578

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