The Woodstock Exchange

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An Exchange for creativity, for life, for real coffee and simple pleasures like Eggs Benedict.  This recently completed development in the heart of Woodstock is a creative hub of people who arrive on single-speed bicycles, Italian scooters or extra long skateboards. A beautiful, industrial space inhabited by creative-minded people – perfect for a studio or just a short visit to top up the creative juices.

A space so hot there is a definite need for the odd fire hydrant. Restaurants like Superette and the Field Office are surrounded by murals and urban gardens It’s a lovely place to start your Saturday morning or to meet for an inspiring midweek meeting.



A recycled-bicycle mobile hangs suspended in the high volume space at the entrance. Have a shot of wheat grass from Starling & Hero Bicycle Café or find a patch of sun to take in the day. The Woodstock Exchange is a gallery of interesting little shops, eateries and the creative people who inhabit them.

Grab a coffee from Field Office or a uniquely, brewed cup of tea from Lady Bonin’s and browse galleries full of the latest, local art and design. There is also a fishmonger, interior décor shops and a skate shop that may have you leaving on a long board rather than in your car. This space reflects an urban-arty, organic lifestyle.

Culture is everywhere and you will find Honest Chocolate changing the culture of chocolate eating too, with their raw and natural ingredients. The chocolate is bitter, but oh, so good. The Woodstock Exchange promises to get better and better as the last few remaining units are filled. If you want the coolest office address in the city look up to the second and third floors of the WEX.

66 Albert Road,

Cape Town

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