Saszali Sisters

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    CRUSH CHATS TO Saszali Sisters

    Meet sisters au chocolat, Sarah & Jane

    Sarah is a graphic designer, Jane is a pastry chef and chocolatier. While these two ladies may seem quite normal on the surface, in fact they possess some very unique chocolate-wielding super powers. Some would call it living their passion, some would say spreading joy, well, we just call it plain magic. These gals are the buffs of the bonbon, the cultists of confection, the gurus of ganache… and anyone who can work with chocolate all week long without gobbling up all the profits… well, we have the utmost respect for that!

    Sarah and Jane, better known as the Saszali sisters, are the owners and hardworking faces behind the Saszali Chocolate brand – creators of delicate, handcrafted truffles. The girls spend their days carefully making each and every one of their truffles by hand. The process starts with the making of the ganache fillings, delicately flavoured with herbs and spices, fruits and teas, and as smooth as the softest silk.

    The ganache filling is hand rolled into balls and each ball is individually dipped and coated in the finest Belgian chocolate. To finish, the chocolates are piped, dusted or decorated with their flavour’s signature style. These really are chocolates made with love.


    We popped by to see the sisters at their new HQ in Wynberg and got to see Jane in action dipping, dusting and decorating like a whizz. When I asked how she manages to have such control piping those intricate swirly patterns, she laughed and told us many hours of practice writing ‘happy birthday’ on plates for customers in a previous chef’s role! During downtime in the kitchen, she would melt chocolate and pipe that wording over and over again and it seems that all the practice has paid off. While it may be a bit of an ask to pipe a happy birthday wish on a truffle, the pretty patterns and fine details are a nod to all that hard work.


    The truffles are truly exquisitely crafted and this craftsmanship is carried through to the packaging. Each truffle is individually wrapped and enclosed within that wrapping, is a note explaining the flavour. A second colourful square is added to each chocolate before it is nestled into its Saszali box. Packaged in boxes of two, four, six, or twenty truffles, they make a gorgeous and really thoughtful gift, perfect for any occasion.

    There are currently eight delectable flavours. It would be sinful to leave one out, so we give you all eight, Salted Caramel, Coffee Roast, Gingerbread, Golden Thyme, Classical, Berry Rosa, Vanilla Orchid and Dark Scotch.


    At Crush HQ, Coffee Roast was running a close second to Vanilla Orchid, but it was Salted Caramel that led to a hushed awe.

    Saszali chocolates are currently sold in the Cape, but if you are elsewhere in the country, get in touch with the sisters and they will endeavour to make a plan. If you are looking for a unique corporate gift, or a wedding favour to spoil your guests with, look no further. Besides truffles, Jane also bakes shortbread and gluten-free chocolate tortes to order.

    Saszali chocolates can be found at a couple of restaurants around the Cape and are a delicious after dinner treat. If you want to try the infamous Salted Caramel, or pick up some small gift boxes, then visit I Love My Laundry on Buitenkant Street.


    At Crush, we love meeting people who are crafting something unique, and doing what makes them most happy, so meeting these sisters was a real treat (opinion not in the least bit swayed by the truffles they sent us home with!).

    We fired off a few quick questions to them and to change things up a little, we got them to answer on each other’s behalf…

    Sarah on Jane…

    If Jane were a flavour of ganache she would be…

    Golden thyme. She’s interesting and sweet, in a quiet and subtle way.

    Jane loves what we do because…

    She loves seeing people biting into a chocolate and experiencing new or interesting flavour combinations. I know she also loves bringing people together with food (especially treats).

    Jane’s ultimate celebrity lunch date would be…

    Ooh, she has had this thing for Messi (something I don’t quite get!) but also a comedian like Jack Whitehall would be her ultimate lunch date – a sense of humour is most important.

    The thing I do that annoys Jane the most is…

    Not putting the milk back in the fridge!

    Jane’s most unique quality is…

    Her organisational skills, her ability to remain calm and to execute desserts or cakes on a tight deadline. That and her ‘singing-about-what-she’s-doing’ habit when she’s in the kitchen.

    Jane’s foodie guilty pleasure is…

    A gourmet burger with avo and feta.

    Jane would save her… Canon 550D camera in a fire.


    Jane on Sarah…

    If Sarah were a flavour of ganache she would be…

    Berry Rosa – fruity (she can be a little crazy sometimes!) and creative.

    Sarah loves what we do because…

    She loves creating a great setting for our truffles, as well as all the other creative elements that come with establishing a brand.

    Sarah’s ultimate celebrity lunch date would be…

    Chris Pratt – mainly because of his hilarious role in Parks and Recreation, but also, he’s a hottie! Otherwise, Adam Levine.

    The thing I do that annoys Sarah the most is…

    When I don’t clean out the coffee from the Aeropress after I’ve used it.

    Sarah’s most unique quality is…

    Her ability to draw and doodle really personal cards.

    Sarah’s foodie guilty pleasure is…

    Peanut butter ice cream from The Creamery.

    Sarah would save her… iMac in a fire.


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