A Round Up Of Delicious Vanilla Recipes

Words: Tam Selley

Ah… vanilla, one of our absolute favourite ingredients. It’s one of the quintessential baking pantry must-haves and there isn’t really much that can knock this beauty off its baking pedestal. When it comes to vanilla, the real deal is always best, so using the seeds directly from the dried pods or as a paste or extract (learn more here) is the way to go. To celebrate, we round up our favourite vanilla recipes, including dreamy cakes, desserts, treats and sweets that prove that vanilla is indeed the boss of baking.

Our Favourite Vanilla Recipes

Bountiful Brekkie

Warm Chia Porridge with Hot Vanilla Poached ClemenGolds

This warm creamy coconut porridge is packed with our favourite superfood bad boys – chia seeds, and pairs perfectly with sticky sweet ClemenGolds in this delicious indulgent brekkie.

Recipe for Warm Chia Porridge

Vanilla Chai Tea Smoothie

This decadent smoothie is more like a milkshake, but who says you can’t have a milkshake for breakfast?

Recipe for Chai Tea Smoothie

Perfect Puddings

Warm Vanilla, Coconut and Tonka Bean Sago

For those of you looking to impress guests – this is definitely the vanilla inspired pud to make! One of the trickier vanilla recipes, but well worth the effort.

Recipe for Vanilla Sago

Pear and Vanilla Honey Pudding

This homey pud is like a hug in a bowl, sweet pears, sponge cake and warm orange syrup bring this dessert to a whole new level – add some homemade custard and Bob’s your uncle.

Recipe for Pear and Vanilla Honey Pudding

Divine Desserts

Vanilla Crème Brûlée with a Blackberry Compote Centre

Crème Brûlée is our ultimate favourite dessert, the rich and creamy custard base together with the warm layer of hard caramel makes us weak at the knees. This one’s got a surprise centre – oooh!

Recipe for Vanilla Crème Brûlée

Raspberry and Vanilla Apple Crumble with Creme Anglaise

This naughty little twist on apple pie is to die for, the classic flavours of apple pie combined with fresh raspberries, a heavenly crumble and lashings of fresh crème anglaise.

Recipe for Raspberry and Vanilla Apple Pie

Darling Doughnuts


These are pretty easy to make and are so good that are are going to want to make extras!

Recipe for Cronuts with Orange-infused Custard

Honey Glazed Vanilla Crullers

Crullers are made from a light, cake-like dough. These are deep-fried and finished with a honey glaze for a crispy, golden delicious treat.

Recipe for Honey Glazed Vanilla Crullers

Tangy Tarts

Vanilla Key Lime Tartlets

These tangy tartlets filled with zingy lime mousse are oh-so-easy to make and full of delicious vanilla flavour.

Recipe for Vanilla Key Lime Tarts

Vegan Passionfruit and Coconut Tart, Vanilla Coconut Sorbet With a Mango Mint Salad

This 100% vegan tart is bursting with beautiful tropical flavours and finished off with a banging vanilla coconut sorbet.

Recipe for Vegan Passionfruit Tart with Vanilla Coconut Sorbet

Treat Tarts

Plum & Vanilla Tarte Tartin

Juicy, sweet and plump plums pair perfectly with crisp pastry and fresh creamy marscapone, a firm favourite in our dessert archives.

Recipe for Plum & Vanilla Tarte Tartin

Fig & Vanilla Frangipane Tart with Thyme Praline

This indulgent tart is said to be a romantic win with all its sensual flavours.

Recipe for Fig & Vanilla Frangipane Tart with Thyme Praline

Celebration Cakes

Vanilla Sponge with Thyme and Granadilla Buttercream

A thyme and granadilla buttercream really sings in this really simple-to-make naked-look cake.

Recipe for Vanilla Sponge with Thyme & Granadilla Buttercream

Strawberries and Cream Vanilla Tea Cake

Tea-time is the best time, and nothing goes better with tea than cake. This is an easy go-to cake that can be whipped up in under an hour, start to finish!

Recipe for Vanilla Tea Cake

We all Scream for Ice Cream

Vanilla Bean and Berry Swirl Ice Cream

This creamy vanilla bean and berry swirl ice cream is what dreams are made of – just don’t blame us when you eat the whole batch in one go.

Recipe for Vanilla Bean and Berry Swirl Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice Cream with Homemade Sugar Cones and Butterscotch Sauce

The triple threat of homemade goodness! With this recipe, you’ll be making all your own ingredients down to the cone.

Recipe for Ice Cream with Homemade Sugar Cones

Biscuits for your tea

Vanilla & Almond Shortbread

This vanilla recipe incorporates our familiar friend, the almond, to create a buttery sugary shortbread that is extremely easy to make – get the kids involved to and mould them into fun shapes!

Recipe for Vanilla & Almond Shortbread 

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yes, the adored chocolate chip cookie would not be in existence without our beloved vanilla pod. Well, it would be, but it wouldn’t be as delicious! Check it out.

Recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies

Warming Drinks

Paleo Friendly Vanilla Coconut Chai

Warm, milky chai tea is really just a mug full of cuddles. This warming cuppa love is made with rooibos, chai spice and coconut milk.

Recipe for Vanilla Coconut Chai

Irish Coffee Shots with Vanilla Bean Cream

Vanilla and whiskey? YES. We weren’t joking when we said vanilla is the queen of ingredients. Try this delish vanilla twist on the classic Irish Coffee, it’s one of our favourite vanilla recipes.

Recipe for Irish Coffee Shots

Classic Vanilla Goodies

vanilla recipes

Classic Custard Slice

The classic custard slice is that golden creamy pastry that you see displayed at almost every bakery. Try making these hard-to-resist pastries at home, they are super easy to make and even easier to eat!

Recipe for Classic Custard Slice

S’mores Biscuit and Marshmallow Sandwiches

Our version of this childhood fave with homemade marshmallows is almost as easy as making it with store bought mallows, only tastier and more rewarding!

Recipe for S’mores

Ready to bake? Check out what you need to stock your baking pantry.

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