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Raspberry & Vanilla Apple Crumble with crème anglaise, nomu vanilla extract

Raspberry & Vanilla Apple Crumble with Crème Anglaise


A heavenly take on apple pie. The addition of raspberries lends a tartness that is positively moreish.

  • Serves: 2 |
    2 servings
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  • Prep Time : 20 mins |
  • Cook Time : 20 mins
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Apple Filling

100 g tinned pie apples slices, drained

100 g fresh raspberries

2 Tbsp (30 ml) honey

½ tsp (2.5 ml) cinnamon sugar

1 tsp (5 ml) NoMU Vanilla Paste


50 g salted butter, softened

25 g castor sugar

25 g rolled oats

25 g pecan nuts

Crème Anglaise

3 extra large egg yolks

3 Tbsp (45 ml) castor sugar

½ C (125 ml) cream

½ C (125 ml) milk

2 tsp (10 ml) NoMU Vanilla Paste

Apple Filling

Preheat the oven to 180 °C.

In a medium-sized bowl, mix together the apple filling ingredients and place into two small ovenproof bowls.


Place the crumble ingredients into a food processer and pulse to form a coarse crumble. Sprinkle over the apple filling and bake for 20 minutes until the crumble is golden.

Crème Anglaise 

In a medium sized bowl, whisk the egg yolks, sugar and vanilla together until just combined. Heat the milk and cream, but do not let it boil. Remove from the heat and slowly stir into the egg mixture. Place the mixture back into a heavy-based saucepan and return the custard to a very low heat, stirring continuously until it has thickened. Strain the custard and set aside.

Remove the crumbles from the oven and serve with crème anglaise.