Hello Hummus! Pesto Princess Makes Wishes Come True

Words: Crush

For just under 20 years now, every staff member at Pesto Princess has had a single-minded focus: wake up, go to the factory, make the best darn pesto you can, go home and repeat. This dogged perseverance and obsession with quality has earned the Pesto Princess brand its reputation for ‘the best pesto in South Africa’ according to their #loyalroyals.

Now these same #loyalroyals were not happy with 11 variations of pesto. ‘Give us hummus!’ they cried.

*wish granted*

Say hello to Pesto Princess Hummus:  free from preservatives, 100% vegan and absolutely delicious!

Pesto Princess Hummus

What Makes Pesto Princess Hummus Special?

There are countless ways to interpret the legendary Middle-Eastern dip. The Pesto Princess version has notes of cumin, a lemony aftertaste, a rustic texture, luxurious levels of tahini paste and a touch of fresh garlic.  Since there are no preservatives, you will need to keep it in the fridge until snack time.

How to Serve Pesto Princess Hummus

The great thing about hummus is that it’s incredibly versatile and healthy! Serve as a dip with veggie crudités such as baby carrots, cucumber, celery and tomatoes. It’s great as a spread on crackers and rice cakes (tip: add slices of cucumber, radish and sesame seeds on top) zithromax cena. Add a generous dollop to a burger for some Mediterranean flair, or serve with your favourite falafel.

Where to get Pesto Princess Hummus

Be among the first to purchase a tub from the fridges of your local SPAR stores from Monday 9 October, in the greater Western Cape, and stock up on wholesome snacks for summer.

If you do not find Pesto Princess Hummus in the fridges of your local SPAR, please chat to your store manager about stocking it for you.


Need to know more?

Drop Pesto Princess an email or visit pesto.co.za | Facebook | Twitter

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