Paint Nite at the Cape Milner Hotel with Yaymaker

Words: Tam Selley

I’d never pinned myself as an artistic person until I attended Paint Nite at the Cape Milner Hotel. Hosted by Yaymaker, Paint Nite offers guests a fun-filled evening fuelled with plenty of wine, laughs and a charismatic teacher to guide your inner-Picasso.

Paint Nite

Meet Yaymaker

Since 2014, Paint Nite has been bringing people together to share creative experiences, to inspire connections and show guests new ways to have fun. Everything you have loved about Paint Nite – the energy, creativity, community and fun – has just got better.

They’ve evolved into a multi-experience brand and needed a new name to house all their new experiences under one umbrella. And so their name has changed from “Paint Nite” to “Yaymaker”.

Paint Nite with Yaymaker

If you have a Facebook account, chances are you’ve seen photos of your friends holding up works of art that they’ve painted — often with a wine glass in hand.

Paint Nite was born in 2013 in Boston USA and since the Paint Nite South Africa launch in April 2014, people across the country have been discovering the joy of painting with a little liquid inspiration on the side.

These guided painting sessions offer customers the opportunity to paint without fear of judgement.

Paintings are chosen on what somebody who’s never picked up a paintbrush can do in two hours. You can paint on canvasses, wine glasses and bottles and even takkies.

Paint Nite

The events are held in restaurants like the Cape Milner Hotel, where the atmosphere is more like a party than an art class. Each session is instructed by a local artist, who leads the group through the steps involved in recreating a painting.

Dine at the Milner Hotel

Grab your wine or cocktails from the Glass Lounge bar to grease the wheels of creativity for your Paint Nite evening.

Also, make sure that you enjoy a dinner at the Glass Lounge before or after the event. The menu boasts so many tasty items available to choose from.

Paint Nite

We concluded our event with a divine dinner and cocktails. For mains, we ordered the chicken schnitzel with a mixed green salad and mushroom sauce, as well as the lamb chops with rosemary jus, crispy potato wedges and roasted seasonal vegetables. Both meals were well-seasoned, well-portioned and truly satisfying.

For more info about the next Paint Nite events at the Cape Milner Hotel, visit the Yaymaker events page here. | Facebook | 

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