Gin Of The Month: Autograph Gin

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As the name suggests, Autograph Gin is all about signature style. And the style it signifies is African Dry – something the brand’s co-owner Anthony Norton and distiller, Matt Beech are championing. Let’s get to know our #ginofthemonth a little better.

Understanding African Dry

As Beech explains, “We wrote a London Dry recipe based on an African garden.” And that garden he speaks of is right outside the distillery’s doors. Almost all the botanicals are grown onsite at Autograph Gin’s home at 13 Distillery Road in Bosman’s Crossing, Stellenbosch.

It’s no coincidence that this historic area (an old entrance to the town that was named in 1881 after Daniel Bosman who ran a brandy distillery on the site) was chosen to be the home for the brand in its entirety.

Autograph Gin

Autograph required the perfect spot for everything to do with their craft gin; from the botanicals grown in the yard, to Zoëy the potstill (named after Beech’s sister), to the beautifully appointed bar and lounge space that welcomes guests for tours, tastings and after-hours drinks.

At home with Autograph Gin

The home of Autograph Gin is also a showcase for the gin itself. With its distinctive copper design, both the tube and the bottle tell gin’s rich history through an inspired illustrative narrative.

There are pivotal moments in the evolution of gin: for example during the period of the so-called Black death plague when doctors wore duckbill masks filled with juniper in the hope that this would ward it off.

This rich history was really the inspiration for the Autograph brand; telling the story of the evolution and development of gin over the centuries.

Autograph Gin

And it was this desire to cultivate a brand rooted in gin’s antiquity, but one that encapsulated the dynamic and creative evolution of the product too, that has garnered industry acclaim.

Designed for Success

Autograph Gin won a Loerie Advertising Award in August 2018 for their innovative packaging and design. The following month, came further success – this time at the Michelangelo International Wine and Spirit Awards in Cape Town, Autograph Gin was awarded the Top Scoring Craft Gin of 2018.

“We were delighted with the award and it was great encouragement for our entire team that we were on the right path in developing our gin products,” says Norton.

Sign your name across my Heart

Why the name “Autograph”? The products are crafted with meticulous care and detail. It’s a brand that master craftsmen would be proud to attach their signature to. Hence our byline, “Success is when your signature becomes an Autograph”.

The distinctive scent of juniper berries combined with refreshing citrus flavours underpin this superb African Dry Gin. Base notes of Angelica Root, overtones of fragrant coriander and hints of delicious artemisia afra, give this gin unique strength and unparalleled depth and warmth. Together this harmonious medley of unique Cape flora is the brand’s Autograph.

The perfect serve – a double shot neat on the rocks. Or for the somewhat less adventurous, add a dash or two of tonic and garnish with the zest of soft citrus.

Location: 13 Distillery Rd, Stellenbosch Central, Stellenbosch
Hours: Monday – Friday: 08h30 – 16h00 (by appointment only) Saturday: 10h00 – 14h00 (open to the public)
Gin Lounge: Only open on the last Friday of the month.
Contact: 079 867 7924 | Facebook | Instagram

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