How To Organise Your Kitchen Like A Boss Plus Some Kitchen Storage Ideas

Words: Emma Nkunzana

If you want to be more organised, awesome, it’s a great habit to nurture. We understand that sometimes life gets in the way and it’s hard to keep everything organised, don’t despair, you’re not alone, the fact is that time gets away from us and inevitably our good intentions go out the window. Marie Kondo-aspirations aside, the fact is getting organised is a necessary evil and being that we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, we think this is one of the most important places to get it right. Here are the best ways to organise your kitchen like a boss, plus our top kitchen storage ideas. kitchen storage idea

Step One, The Great Purge

Before you start to organise your kitchen take a moment to declutter.

As foodies, we tend to buy unnecessary single-use items, uni-products. Today you can buy some or other contraption solely dedicated to slicing a single fruit or vegetable – the all-in-one avo scoop and slice, the three-in-one pineapple corer, slicer and peeler, it just never ends. These are great in theory, but let’s be honest, it’s not like a sharp paring knife couldn’t do the trick.

Toss these items that never see the light of day and work towards investing in good quality kitchen essentials that will be used regularly. Be ruthless people!

kitchen storage ideas

Kitchen Storage Ideas – Think Like A Chef

What better way to organise your kitchen than by borrowing a few tips from the experts. More often than not, chefs have to work in confined spaces and the best way to make the most out of small spaces is with proper layout. Ideally, you want all appliances on the stove side of the kitchen, so that your other counter is free for preparing.

Within Arms Reach

When cooking, you want everything close at hand, this prevents you running back and forth and keeps your attention on what matters – cooking!

Kitchen storage idea: have a container with a spatula, wooden spoon, egg flipper and tongs nearby the stove ready for any kitchen emergency.

Decant items into clear glass jars, that way when you open the kitchen cupboards you’re not hit with an avalanche of half-opened pasta, rice and storage ideas

Kitchen Storage Ideas – Think Like A Shopkeeper

In theory, this is quite simple to do, all you’re basically doing is organising your kitchen the same way a supermarket would. First, you want to theme your ingredients. The most efficient way to do this in a kitchen is by country – Indian, Middle Eastern, Tex-Mex. There will be ingredients that overlap, the best way to overcome this is to picture your pantry like a world map, (before continental drift), countries that share a border will share a spice rack.

Kitchen storage ideas: if you’re tight on spice rack space attach magnets to the base of your spice holders and place them onto your fridge. A great place to visit for supplies is Merrypak.

Next, you want to merchandise your ingredients, and remember location is everything! Things that are at eye level and easily accessible will get used most often, and we all know what happens to jars hiding at the back…. To counter this, an excellent kitchen storage idea is to use risers and platforms to stack your jars so that things are clearly storage ideas

Kitchen Storage Ideas – The Fridge

This is the most used appliance in the kitchen, so you want it to be the most organised, so put those chef and shopkeeper hats on!

Keep it Minimalist in your fridge

This growing trend is not only fashionable but it’s energy and cost efficient. How much time do we spend opening the fridge door, staring into the abyss searching for a forgotten jar of pickles only to come across a bag of vrot greens. You’ve now lowered the fridge temperature and wasted precious food, which could have been avoided with some simple good organisation.

It’s convenient to do a weekly or biweekly big grocery shop, but in the long run, it’s more sustainable to keep fridge supplies to the necessities. Densely packed fridges use more energy to keep things cold and aren’t as cold as they could be because airflow is limited. When it comes to organising fridges, less is more, plus it’ll force you to be more creative in the kitchen check out our bestover recipes for some inspiration.

Kitchen storage ideas: Like a supermarket, pack you’re freshest ingredients at the back so that you’re forced to use the oldest soonest.

Be pedantic about throwing out half-empty jars and bottles and not letting things get manky. No one wants to clear out a 3-week old science project!

A tip to keep your fridge smelling fresh is to put a small open container of bicarbonate of soda in there. It’s helpful in absorbing smells.

Maintain Your Newly Organised Kitchen

Finally, a word on maintaining your newly organised kitchen. You’ve gone through all the effort of creating this amazing space, don’t let it all go to ruin by not putting everything back where it belongs. Don’t be sentimental when it comes to the kitchen, especially foodstuff – that’s just gross! Do a weekly or biweekly 15 minute cleanse (even better, do it right before you go shopping and only buy items to go with food nearing its best before date). Happy organising people!

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