The Crush Team’s Favourite Comfort Food Recipes

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Whoever said, ‘summer bodies are built during winter’, doesn’t know diddly-squat! Winter is for second servings at family pot lucks, Sundays under the covers while hugging a bowl of brandy pud’ and indulging in a good movie or ‘just one more episode’. While we can’t do much to stave off what feels like the onset of frostbite, we can offer your bellies the comfort of food. The Crush HQ team share their favourite comfort food recipes from the Crush archives. Make it, bake it or save it for a rainy day…

Matt (Publisher)

Matt is the owner and publisher of Crush, he is also our in-house photographer, videographer and art director. Like most business owners, he’s a Jack of all trades. Matt’s favourite part of winter is slow cooked food, spending time with family, and when the weather permits, cranking up his outdoor pizza oven!

comfort food recipes
comfort food recipes

Matt’s Picks

Oxtail Shepards Pie: This pie reminds me of my mom’s cottage pie, but to be honest this version is really amplified in all areas. I love it because of its richness of flavour, combined with Parmesan-crusted carbs on the top! The slow-cooked oxtail reminds me of cosy Sundays in front of a fire.

Recipe for Oxtail Shepards Pie with Parmesan Mash

Duck Cassoulet: All three of my favourite proteins in one dish — duck, lamb and chorizo — what more could one wish for? A dish that’s perfect for winter and means pure indulgence. This recipe was developed a long time ago, so possibly the heart and belly have grown fonder with time. You be the judge!

Recipe for Cassoulet of Duck, Lamb & Chorizo

Julie (Editor & Food Stylist)

Julie is Crush’s editor and in-house food stylist. She can be found running around a set making things look pretty and usually sticking her hand in the frame to change something mid-snap! Julie loves the smell of fireplaces in winter and the fact that working from home means you can wear tracksuit pants and sheepskin slippers and don’t have to brave the cold, wet streets looking for parking!

comfort food recipes

Julie’s Picks

Deep Dish Condensed Milk Tart: This milk tart is one of my fave recipes of all time. I have always felt like milk tarts were too skinny, you need to eat half a pie just to get a good serving… just me? So, when we were tasked with making a Milk Tart one year, I suggested a deep dish version and have never looked back! Now, this is how Milk Tart should be!

Recipe for Deep Dish Condensed Milk Tart

Pork Neck Vindaloo: I have made this recipe a number of times and it never disappoints. I love curry flavours but don’t have the palate for super hot food, so I temper it with yoghurt when I eat it — I especially love the play of the hot, spicy sauce and the cool creamy yoghurt. The toasting of the individual spices and blending of the fresh curry paste makes all the difference. It’s everything I love about comfort food, especially when mopped up with soft roti — a real winner to have in the arsenal.

Recipe for Pork Neck Vindaloo Curry

Devon (Design & Production)

Devon is Crush’s in-house designer and also keeps our very busy production schedule on track. Devon loves curling up to a good book, wearing her blanket hoodie, and is currently working her way through a selection of hats to keep her head toasty!

comfort food recipes

Devon’s Picks

Pork Ragù with Pappardelle: This pasta recipe screams ‘comfort’. Is there anything better than pork with pasta? This recipe is perfect for those cold winter evenings and coming home to the smells of ragù on the stove, the windows all steamed up, you just know a good family meal is coming up…

Recipe for Pork Ragù with Pappardelle

Butterscotch Cheesecake with Nut Brittle: Hmmm, cheesecake with a butterscotch kick and a little crunch. When chasing that cheesecake dragon, this is the one the Bowers family goes for. Ever on the hunt for the perfect cheesecake, this one comes pretty damn close!

Recipe for Butterscotch Cheesecake with White Choc & Macadamia Nut Brittle

Zoë (Social Media Coordinator)

As our Social Media guru, Zoë can usually be found head bent, eyes locked on her phone, furiously whipping content into shape. Zoë loves winter simply because it means cosying up to the fireplace, with a good hot choccie.

comfort food recipes

Zoë’s Picks

Chicken Tray Bake: For me, nothing says ‘comfort’ more than chicken and roast veg. My father was the cook in my household (in my opinion, sorry mom) and his chicken roast with veg was that Sunday meal that got everyone together. It reminds me of sitting around the table, chit-chatting about the week to come, fighting over which piece of chicken each gets, and my brother demanding the breast because ‘all men are breast men’. So now it’s my go-to comfort food recipe for a Sunday eve because it’s so simple, delicious and has such beautiful memories attached to it.

Recipe for Mediterranean Chicken Tray Bake

Aloo Gobi Curry with Naan: Now that we’ve approached the winter season, curry is top of my list for comfort food dins — specifically Aloo Gobi. I love this dish because it’s quick and easy to make, fills the house with a DIVINE smell and leaves your belly all warm, fuzzy and satisfied. My favourite thing in the world is the taste of a potato in a curry. Random, I know, but it’s so soft and full of flavour that nothing really can beat it. It’s also why I like to do meatless curries because veggies take on so much flavour from the spices. Warm Aloo Gobi, buttery naan and a good Netflix show is what comfort is all about.

Recipe for Aloo Gobi Curry with Homemade Naan Bread

Robyn (Digital Content Creator)

Robyn is our in-house writer extraordinaire — when she isn’t click-clacking her keyboard crafting articles, she can be found playing with food and experimenting with flavours in the kitchen. Although she perpetually complains about the cold, comforting desserts and the sound of raindrops are a few of Robyn’s favourite winter things.

comfort food recipes
comfort food recipes

Robyn’s Picks

Apple Crumble: You gotta love a slice of humble crumble. It always takes me back to this quaint restaurant in snowy Hogsback, where I had some of the best apple crumble. I’ve since dedicated my life to perfecting it and this recipe is pretty bang-on. Winter triggers my sweet tooth and nothing compares to the combination of sweet, yet tart apples and spicy ginger. The crumble is a textural delight — don’t even get me started on the hot-cold contrast of stewed apples with delicious scoops of vanilla bean ice cream. Hot damn!

Recipe for JAZZ Apple Crumble

Chicken Coconut Curry: I was built to hibernate during winter and can’t be bothered to cook lengthy meals, all I want is to watch trash TV and eat delicious food, and this Instant Pot Chicken Coconut Curry screams ‘GET IN MY BELLY’! My mother will deny this for the sake of her ego but she knows I make a better chicken curry than her, including this one. Fresh pops of dhania and the velvety, yet deliciously light coconut cream sauce with a slight heat that lingers long after, is everything and more.

Recipe for Instant Pot Chicken Coconut Curry

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