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Words: Katrina Rose Wind

One thing’s for sure — the popularity of coffee keeps growing and we will always need our morning ‘pick me up’. But, searching for the perfect brew can sometimes be a challenge, so if you want to branch out from your trusted coffee suppliers to see what else is out there, this is your chance. We’ve compiled a list of darn good coffee, and the best part is these brands all ship and sell their coffee online.

Banhoek Coffee Co.

Inspired by the roaming Cape leopards of Banhoek Valley, Stellenbosch, the flavour of this coffee can’t be tamed. Banhoek Coffee Co. beans are made of pure Arabica beans which are ethically sourced and consist of a beautiful blend of East African, Central and South American coffees. You can expect fruity aromas and notes of satisfyingly rich dark chocolate. To purchase their coffee, order here.

banhoekcoffee.co.za | Facebook | Instagram

Bean There.

If you’ve ever wanted to do an African coffee tour, Bean There. is the ultimate tour guide. They are truly committed to seeking out the best single-origin beans in the motherland, from the slopes of Kilamanjaro, Tanzania to the rich soil of Nyeri, Kenya. Each offering is from a different African country, lending uniquely delicious aromas and flavours of almond, vanilla, berry, citrus and caramel.

beanthere.co.za | Facebook | Instagram

Coffee Notes

This exclusively online artisanal coffee shop has been flying under the radar, with coffee snobs keeping it their best-kept secret. Coffee Notes is a fully online store with a selection of freshly roasted single origin and blended coffee beans. Coffee Notes delivers beans or ground coffee directly to your door, so you never have to leave the safety of your home. Their Silky Spiccato blend combines the full-bodied creamy flavours of Honduran beans, the floral aromas of Ethiopian beans, and the sweet chocolate aftertaste of lightly roasted Colombian beans. Silky Spiccato is a versatile blend designed for the home coffee lover. Brew any way you like and its silky smooth mouthfeel and lingering aftertaste will leave you waiting for your next sip.

coffeenotes.co.za | Facebook | Instagram

Death by Coffee

artisanal coffee

This family-owned business puts their love for coffee first and it shows in their products. Freshly roasted, organically grown, ethically farmed coffee that not only tastes delicious but is bang for your buck. Roasting from their smallholding in Port Elizabeth, they ship a wide range of their artisanal coffee across South Africa and deliver to your door.

deathbycoffee.net | Facebook | Instagram

Deluxe Coffeeworks

Deluxe have been a household name around Cape Town since 2009 and they’ve been spreading their influence all over the country since then. They have premium Arabica coffee, sourced by their supplier from around the world. They roast single origin beans, as well as their delicious Deluxe House Blend. You can also buy their compostable coffee capsules that come with a refillable jar.

deluxecoffeeworks.co.za | Facebook | Instagram

Doubleshot Coffee & Tea

We’ve downed a lot of coffee in our lifetime but Doubleshot’s coffee is Out of This World — no, it’s literally one of their specialty brews. Based in the Joburg, Doubleshot is dedicated to making people buzzed about coffee with their quirky beans. They have a range of fun and ridiculously good coffees made from specialty grade beans that’s either a blend or single bean offering, depending on seasonal produce. Try their syrupy Office Blend, well-balanced City Blend or their deliciously smooth Foxy Brown blend.

doubleshot.co.za | Facebook | Instagram

Espresso Lab Microroasters

Blending the perfect coffee beans is a science and these guys have got it down to a ‘T’. Espresso Lab Microroasters cultivate the perfect coffee experience and go above and beyond to ensure that the cup of coffee in your hand is the best cup of coffee you will taste all day/week. We could tell you about their delicious range of single estate coffees from Guatemala, Colombia, El Salvador, Ethiopia — or you could order online and taste it yourself.

espressolabmicroroasters.com | Instagram


Fabino serve quality beans, with a strong focus on organic and ethical coffee products. These organic coffees don’t utilise synthetic fertilisers or chemicals, resulting in cleaner beans and a healthier environment for all. At Fabino, they import their own green beans – with the assistance of one of the world’s most renowned coffee experts – and have become the go-to wholesale supplier of quality sourced and carefully selected coffee beans. You too can try their renowned coffee by simply ordering online.

fabino.net | Facebook

Flatmountain Coffee Ritualists

Flatmountain Coffee Ritualists, in Woodstock, pride themselves in creating enthusiasm and excitement about coffee. Roasting intentionally sourced beans daily — Flatmountain offers a rotating variety of single origin, seasonal specialty coffees and beautiful blends. We also love their packaging!



artisanal coffee

Legado, meaning ‘legacy’, has been the company vision from the start. They are determined to instil a legacy in everything they do, from sourcing all the way through to the consumer. Legado promises to bring you some of the tastiest artisanal coffee, ensuring that it is roasted with care. They have a range of different single-origin coffees and blends that would suit a wide audience, so depending on what mood you are in or what taste profiles you long for, they are confident you’ll find it within their offering.

legadocoffee.com | Facebook | Instagram


artisanal coffee

Manaka draws inspiration from the people of South Africa and in return, offers a product of distinction. Manaka artisanal coffee has a delicious range of  hand-roasted beans, medium roasted to absolute perfection. Their Phats & Bones blend contains Ugandan, Tanzanian and Guatemalan beans featuring notes of tangerine, toffee, sweet cherry and dark chocolate. We also love that they’re a Level 2 BBBEE contributor with 51% black ownership.

manaka.coffee | Facebook | Instagram

Origin Roasting

Pioneers of South African speciality coffee, Origin Roasting offer an exceptional range of premium, speciality-grade, ethically-sourced and traceable coffees. Through the year, they offer their seasonal espresso blend, 8-10 single origins which change regularly, and chemical free decafs. Have a look at their website for a variety of seasonal beans, mostly from the African continent.

originroasting.co.za | Facebook | Instagram


artisanal coffee

Not only have they been producing top-quality coffee since 2006 but they also have an amazing team behind them. Quaffee prides themselves on sourcing fine coffees, ensuring they are roasted fresh to order, so they can be brewed fresh from bean to cup. They also have a coffee subscription service that would make a great birthday gift for the coffee-lover in your life. Now you know you can get some great coffee online!

quaffee.com | Facebook | Instagram

Rosetta Roastery

Rosetta Roastery is a specialty coffee roastery based in Cape Town sourcing speciality grade, single origin coffees from South & Central America, Africa and Asia, micro-roasting each one to best present its unique personality. If you’re a single origin fan, then Rosetta Roastery is definitely the way to go. They also offer monthly coffee subscriptions to ensure that you never run out of coffee!

rosettaroastery.com | Facebook | Instagram

RYO Coffee

RYO Coffee is a micro-lot distributor and passionate about providing coffee-lovers alike with an experience. You could purchase their raw Arabica beans, roast and blend your own coffee — or if you need an immediate fix, you could buy RYO’s roasted beans. We love that their packaging is designed to optimally store your beans for maximum freshness, meaning you always get a great-tasing cuppa. Sourced from all around the world , their impressive range includes Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Nicaragua single origin coffees.

ryocoffee.co.za | Facebook | Instagram


Anyone whose had the pleasure of visiting a Stellski Café, know they serve damn good coffee — what’s even better is that you can order their coffee online. Stellski manages to balance the aroma, body, acidity and flavour. They produce fair-trade, 100% Arabica coffee beans, perfectly blended and roasted. What makes this brand even more loveable is that it’s inspired by a cheeky Staffordshire Bull Terrier named, Stella.

stellski.com | Facebook


Combining skill and patience, Terbodore sift and roast their beans, consistently producing stellar coffee. Apart from the range of coffee beans and capsules, they’ve got some great merch available too for those who are fans of the coffee and their gorgeous Great Dane logo. Terbodore boasts an exciting range of flavoured coffees, from buttery Birthday Cake to decadent Dutch Chocolate and smooth French Vanilla. For those who struggle to get up in the morning — their dark roast, Lazy Bones, might just do the trick!

terbodorecoffee.co.za | Facebook | Instagram

Now that you’re good on beans, you’ll probably want to check out our tasty round up of coffee recipes.


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