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Words: Katrina Rose Wind

The popularity of coffee keeps growing – even with the fear of Coronavirus, people still need their morning ‘pick me up’ and continue to seek out their beloved cup of Joe. If you’ve wanted to branch out from your trusted coffee suppliers to see what else is out there, this is your chance. We’ve compiled a list of darn good coffee you may not have heard of, the best part is they all sell and ship their coffee online.

L’OR Espresso

L’OR Espresso’s new Origins coffee capsule range stimulates and intrigues coffee lovers throughout South Africa with the unmistakably rich flavours of Colombia, Papua New Guinea and India. The coffee beans selected by L’OR’s master blenders are influenced by the terroir of these homelands, resulting in a taste experience of each region’s cultures and tastes. Be transported to Karnataka in southern India with its delicate blend of spice and fruit, paired with bolder flavours of caramel and cocoa. Papua New Guinea’s highlands set the coffee flavour palate for this pronounced, fruity taste intertwined with a sweet woody aroma to entice the consumer. Colombia’s lush landscape delivers a full-bodied espresso underpinned with a complex and tangy flavour which lingers long after the final

L’OR capsules are compatible with Nespresso coffee machines* (for a list of compatible machines please go to lorespresso.co.za ) and are available in-store at most retail outlets, and online at Pick ‘n Pay, Takealot and Makro. The RSP for a pack of 10 capsules is R64.99.    

online coffee

lorespresso.co.za | Facebook | Instagram

Coffee Notes

This exclusively online artisanal coffee shop has been flying under the radar, with coffee snobs keeping it their best-kept secret. Coffee Notes is a fully online store with a selection of freshly roasted single origin and blended coffee beans. Coffee Notes delivers beans or ground coffee directly to your door, so you never have to leave the safety of your home. Their Silky Spiccato blend combines the full-bodied creamy flavours of Honduran beans, the floral aromas of Ethiopian beans, and the sweet chocolate aftertaste of lightly roasted Colombian beans. Silky Spiccato is a versatile blend designed for the home coffee lover. Brew any way you like and its silky smooth mouthfeel and lingering aftertaste will leave you waiting for your next sip.

coffeenotes.co.za | Facebook | Instagram

The Portland Project

artisanal coffee

Although their website is “under construction” you can see their wide range on their FB page, and can order coffee online through secondary sources, like capecoffeebeans. They believe there are a few cities in the world that you could call “Coffee Heaven”. Portland, and of course Cape Town, are on that list. Portland has world-class roasters and artisanal coffee shops and even original coffee gear to brag about, in the pursuit of bringing that to Cape Town, The Portland Project was born. With a carefully curated range of artisanal coffees to choose from, Portland’s offerings will please any adventurous coffee lover.

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artisanal coffee

It’s important for businesses to not only have a diverse team but for the brand to embody that as well. Manaka is a perfect example of that. Manaka draws inspiration from the people of South Africa and in return, offers a product of distinction. In many ways, Manaka artisanal coffee is the perfect example of the potential of South Africa. A diverse team from different backgrounds brought together by a passion for quality and the love of coffee. They are proudly a Level 2 BBBEE contributor with 51% black ownership.

manaka.coffee | Facebook | Instagram


artisanal coffee

Legado, meaning legacy, has been the company vision from the start. They are determined to instil a legacy in everything they do, from sourcing all the way through to the consumer. Legado promises to bring you some of the tastiest artisanal coffee, ensuring that it is roasted with care. They have a range of different single-origin coffees and blends that would suit a wide audience, so depending on what mood you are in or what taste profiles you long for, they are confident you’ll find it within their offering. They are also offering free shipping on orders over R1000.

legadocoffee.com | Facebook | Instagram


artisanal coffee

You may recognise their logo as they are available at almost every Spar and Pick ‘n’ Pay but if you have never tried it before, this is your chance. Importers Coffee Merchants is the oldest coffee brand in the Western Cape. The company imports top quality coffees from the world’s leading equatorial coffee growing regions. You can buy their beans, capsules, sachets and more online and get it delivered straight to your door.

importerscoffee.com | Facebook | Instagram

Death by Coffee

artisanal coffee

This family-owned business puts their love for coffee first and it shows in their products. Freshly roasted, organically grown, ethically farmed coffee that not only tastes delicious but is bang for your buck. Roasting from their smallholding in Port Elizabeth, they are shipping a wide range of their artisanal coffee across South Africa.

deathbycoffee.net | Facebook | Instagram


artisanal coffee

Not only have they been producing top-quality coffee since 2006 but they also have an amazing team behind them. Quaffee prides themselves on sourcing fine coffees, ensuring they are roasted fresh to order, so they can be brewed fresh from bean to cup. They also have a coffee subscription service that would make a great birthday gift for the coffee-lover in your life. Now you know you can get some great coffee online!

quaffee.com | Facebook | Instagram


The brand stands for quality and sustainability, with a strong focus on organic and ethical coffee products. Organic coffees utilise no synthetic fertilisers or chemicals, resulting in cleaner beans and a healthier environment for all. At Fabino, they import their own green beans – with the assistance of one of the world’s most renowned coffee experts – and have become the go-to wholesale supplier of quality sourced and carefully selected coffee beans. You too can try their renowned coffee by simply ordering online from the comfort of your own home.

fabino-coffee.business.site | Facebook

Coffee Unplugged

artisanal coffee

Your online coffee one stop shop! They only use AA and AAA grade imported green coffee beans, which are roasted daily in their on-site coffee roaster, allowing them to offer you not just the freshest coffee possible, but pride themselves in giving you the best value too. They have a wide range of coffee, including capsules and they ship across South Africa. If you’re in the market for a new coffee machine, they’ve got those too.

coffeeunplugged.co.za | Facebook | Instagram


Combining skill and patience, Terbadore sift and roast their beans, consistently producing coffee that they are glad to put their name on. Apart from the range of coffee beans and capsules, they’ve got some great merch available too for those who are fans of the coffee and their gorgeous Great Dane logo.

terbodorecoffee.co.za | Facebook | Instagram


Maybe the most well-known coffee brand in the bunch, Nespresso means business. Hidden inside each Nespresso capsule is what they claim to be the finest coffee in the world, which has been blended, roasted and ground with the utmost skill by their coffee experts. We especially love their REVIVING ORIGINS program, which restores coffee farming in regions where it is under threat. Working closely with the farming community they are helping to restore the coffee industry in the long term. For these pods, TAMUKA mu Zimbabwe, Nespresso has worked with the local coffee farming community in Manicaland Province in eastern Zimbabwe, to establish sustainable farming practices, bringing expert trainers and new techniques to tackle issues such as coffee processing and tree management. TAMUKA mu ZIMBABWE is bursting with complex fruitiness and zesty, bright acidity, with notes of cranberry to red berries, and currant to grape.

za.buynespresso.com | Facebook | Instagram

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