Crush Advent Calendar Day 9 Win with Peppadew®

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The history of the piquanté pepper fruit (the first new fruit launched on the world market since the kiwi fruit approximately 40 years ago) is as intriguing as its taste. And, although many theories are bandied about, it remains a mystery as to how this fruit actually found its roots in South Africa. All of this however, is a simple matter of history. What’s important today is that the phenomenal popularity of Peppadew® sweet piquanté peppers is not confined to South African consumers but has become a favourite worldwide of discerning international taste buds from Britain to Japan!

The flamboyant Piquanté Pepper is the perfect ingredient to infuse your dish with flavour: create a Martini with a kick, a chicken tikka with cheek and a chocolate mousse with punch. Chop Piquanté Peppers into sandwiches, salads and eggs or add them to burgers, hot dogs and tacos. It’s just that easy to transform everyday dishes into gourmet moments that explode with flavour and gorgeous colour. So go on, put Peppadew® Piquanté Peppers on everything… your tastebuds will thank you!

Peppadew® Piquanté Peppers are super convenient pantry ingredients and available in whole and diced fruit, in hot and mild, from leading supermarkets. | Facebook | Twitter


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