Crush Advent Calendar Day 8 Win with Col’Cacchio

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Col’Cacchio pizzeria was established in 1992 in the Foreshore, Cape Town, with a fiery passion to create only the finest gourmet Italian-inspired meals. After 24 years, their name has become synonymous throughout South Africa with Italian-inspired, artisanal food, including a broad range of crisp, thin-based pizzas and a wide variety of freshly prepared salads and pastas.

Their menu is updated bi-annually, splitting it into Summer and Winter, in an effort to keep their offerings innovative and up-to-date with current dining trends. Their blazing new Summer menu, infused with TABASCO® Sauces, is no different. They have three new delicious TABASCO® Sauce inspired meals, incorporating the iconic pepper sauce into their new menu additions. Plus, for the first time ever they are running their Celebrity Chef Series as a part of their Summer menu.

The Celebrity Chef Series was started in 2007 as a charitable fundraiser as part of one of their other core beliefs, social responsibility. They invited Celebrity Chefs to create their own unique pizzas, one of which would be sold each month, with a portion of the proceeds from each pizza sold donated to a charitable cause. This year their three Celebrity Chefs, Neill Anthony, Zola Nene and Claire Allen will have their pizzas all featured throughout the course of their Summer menu. That’s six months of deliciously unique pizzas for a great cause. R5 from each pizza sold will be donated to the Children’s Hospital Trust.

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